Lizard Cupid
Iguana be your Valentine
(yes, this had to be re-uploaded due to audio being out of sync the first time)
Art by:
Emilee Dummer ➤
Kelly Jensen ➤
Claire Anne ➤

  • TheOdd1sOut

    (yes this was re-uploaded to fix a syncing error)

    • Arshad Ayan
      Arshad Ayan

      ere lente

    • Arshad Ayan
      Arshad Ayan

      hey James

    • Demi

      Oki np

    • Arshad Ayan
      Arshad Ayan


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  • Marchell Wright
    Marchell Wright

    eww 🤢🤬

  • Ranjan Desai
    Ranjan Desai


  • Moist Pelican
    Moist Pelican

    It’s a dragon

  • Safaa dahshah
    Safaa dahshah

    Looks like Pickle the dinosaur

    • Dink Bros
      Dink Bros

      😂😂 agreed

  • -Aftøn-

    James makes a lizard look like a fluffy dinosaur

  • ♡Fluffy_Kitxu♡

    if i hear my child, i hear toriel


    My friends lizard died on Valentine’s Day

  • Jeffy F
    Jeffy F

    Me every Valentine’s Day but more fun

  • MiniWolfii17


  • Lit Jay
    Lit Jay

    You made the whole sqaud laughing bro:

  • Loftwing Pegasus
    Loftwing Pegasus

    Hey, in some parts of the world, these are delicacies.

  • P pals
    P pals

    humans can very well eat crickets. if you don't wanna eat them whole, you can ground them into a powder, add water and fry it like a beef

  • Hooded Hunter
    Hooded Hunter

    Just cook the crickets and poor them in honey it’s good

  • cute knight
    cute knight

    "Crickets taste good when cooked", a hispanic 2021

  • Tess Moore
    Tess Moore


  • Cherry The cat aka Yvette
    Cherry The cat aka Yvette

    Perfect for a snake 🐍

  • Wild creep
    Wild creep

    Here in Mexico we eat crickets 😅😅😂😂

  • Woutube Yatcher
    Woutube Yatcher

    That c r u n c h tho

  • Ostaxx

    I'm seriously mad about those bots

  • Temour Samatov
    Temour Samatov

    Lizard Cupid: "Are you all alone on valentines day?" James: **sigh** "Yes.." Gif (who he just made a video about): "Am i a joke to you?"

  • Recusant39

    Lizard Cupid 💘.

  • ImTheSheep14

    Me and my bearded dragon 🤣

  • lilyan norfleet
    lilyan norfleet

    The lizard looks like pickle the dinosuar character made by anthor art channel called ME

  • Jack The Fennusky
    Jack The Fennusky

    Lizard cupid looks way cuter so I'm eating the damn grasshoppers

  • ẞoopZ Er
    ẞoopZ Er

    Bruh what the hell bruh

  • Avaly_yt

    I have a bearded dragon and this is exactly how it would go

  • Victoria Mitchell
    Victoria Mitchell

    "don't be sad my child"lol

  • MewieHowie19

    Can we get a real video soon? If @Odd1sOut comments on this i have some ideas for some videos

  • Adolfo Haziel Miranda Delgado
    Adolfo Haziel Miranda Delgado

    In mexico we eat crikets

    • Adolfo Haziel Miranda Delgado
      Adolfo Haziel Miranda Delgado

      And ant eggs

  • The Crewmates
    The Crewmates


  • Gabriela Maja Potter
    Gabriela Maja Potter

    If u DoNt wAnt tHeM I'll have em (ʘᴗʘ✿)

  • Kya Godkin
    Kya Godkin


  • Noah De La Cruz
    Noah De La Cruz


  • Maerose Craine
    Maerose Craine

    That looks like pickle!!!

  • Bob The potato
    Bob The potato

    I want a frog.

  • BobaTea the RainWing
    BobaTea the RainWing

    As long as they are fried then I’ll eat those crickets like crazy 😜

  • Kairi Wesner
    Kairi Wesner

    I still think it’s good james

  • Mack Oody-Patterson
    Mack Oody-Patterson


  • mario's new world
    mario's new world

    He sounds like the dinosaur obsessed kid from mitchels vs the Machines

  • MINIBR000


  • chickenplayz01

    just gonna say that i liked the old videos more pLz Sub To mE

  • I can't think of a user name
    I can't think of a user name

    Pickle the dinosaur?!

  • discord

    No sad

  • NewSallyPurpleYT : :
    NewSallyPurpleYT : :

    Cool vid

  • Music On Magic Tiles Music On Magic Tiles
    Music On Magic Tiles Music On Magic Tiles

    I thought u had a gf

  • Tristan Wilczynska
    Tristan Wilczynska


  • Ali S
    Ali S

    Rip to The odds1out bored game

  • ej_Daniel R
    ej_Daniel R


  • Jada Hearn
    Jada Hearn


  • Elizabel Guido
    Elizabel Guido

    Godzilla? Is that you

  • memes are good
    memes are good

    lizard : do u have no one for Valentine’s Day James: yes His Girlfriend : bruh

  • Silver Wolf
    Silver Wolf

    Lizard cupid: Don't be sad MY CHILD Me, And Undertale player: *Happy flashbacks*

  • Stellar

    Wait iguanas don't eat crickets, they're herbivores

  • A

    So it's basically a dragon

  • Abid Hassan
    Abid Hassan

    Beuh why doesn't he upload

  • IZAQ Gaming
    IZAQ Gaming

    That lizard must be a chameleon because of its long tounge

  • sad pathetic taxodermy otter
    sad pathetic taxodermy otter

    Fun fact:lizards(well,lizard-like reptiles) did once have wings,only they didn't have angle wings .just fleshy wing-like skin formations

  • Lavínia Sousa
    Lavínia Sousa

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  • Alec Dang
    Alec Dang

    How can you celebrate Valentine’s Day if nobody likes u

  • (sleepy alt) HANK ^^
    (sleepy alt) HANK ^^

    my dragon be like

  • T Animations
    T Animations

    "My child"

  • Animeweeb

    Did he say loser or lizard lol

  • Helen Scott Carter
    Helen Scott Carter

    Nice job iames

  • eggdog

    Pero los grillos si se comen en méxico xd , but crickets if eaten in mexico xd

  • MicroZoft VA
    MicroZoft VA

    This is so random lmao

  • :D


  • FearOfTheLight

    Ah, humor based off of my pain :'D

  • Sad Onion
    Sad Onion

    This would be be perfect on valentines day

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    I was wondering what drawing applications you use since I've found an interest in animating and also have been watching for a long time

  • Megan St. George
    Megan St. George

    Is weird that I haven't been paying attention to the title so I always fort it was looser Cupid not lizard Cupid welllllll🐊🐍🐢

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    Don't complain James, the lizard just brought you some friends on the way, that's all.

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu

      can we have a sooubway part 5

  • Bunny king🐰👑
    Bunny king🐰👑


  • Bella Playz
    Bella Playz

    as someone who owns a lizard (a leapord gecko), i can confirm... *they love crickets*

  • Deianira Hodge
    Deianira Hodge

    That's so #evil

  • alex gaming
    alex gaming

    should have been choclate crikets tbh

  • WayJay

    These shorts give me life

  • DrFloppa

    im comming tooo arozina biswatch

  • Lila Setiyani
    Lila Setiyani


  • Mha Weeb201
    Mha Weeb201

    "It's ok my child" Toriel: THAT'S MY LINE

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      “Are you all alone on Valentine’s Day?” Rule34 artists: say no more

  • Brandi S
    Brandi S

    Pickle the dinosaur is that you?

  • BlackieLeone


  • Alex vaquerano
    Alex vaquerano


  • SuperPlushMan


  • Her

    Lizard Cupid is basically me with white chocolate lmao! But why does everyone hate white chocolate it's good!?

  • Mace Windu
    Mace Windu

    “Are you all alone on Valentine’s Day?” Rule34 artists: say no more

  • youtube cartoons
    youtube cartoons

    is't a flying lizard a dragon?

  • Haha

  • Vincent Lescarbeau
    Vincent Lescarbeau

    can we have a sooubway part 5

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    “I told her we should kick it, but all I heard was crickets” -DCYC

  • indie

    is that Moriah Elizibeth's dinosaur thing

  • _Ramen_

    Lizard Cupid looks like pickle the dinosaur

  • alma cortes
    alma cortes

    The lizard reminds me of pickle the dinosaur

  • lil’ squash
    lil’ squash

    This is great for me to come back to after a 7 hour drive from Yosemite to Las Vegas

  • Kiekilani photography
    Kiekilani photography

    james how do i gift 4 million dollars

  • Alexfartn

    lol what the heck

  • Gecko Zizu
    Gecko Zizu

    Sound like someone... Zizu.

  • Rugile Laurinaityte
    Rugile Laurinaityte

    I will be Cupid of Valentine's Day!!

  • Bryson’s Special channel gaming
    Bryson’s Special channel gaming

    “If you don’t want them I’ll have them”

  • Rowdy_Gacha

    Kriket cholocates