My Thoughts on Reality Shifting
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Hey if you're reading this, thanks for checking out the description. Sorry that I've been gone for awhile, but don't worry I've still been working hard. Pretty soon (and I mean this as 'odd1sout' amount of soon) I'll be dropping big news. It's the biggest news I've ever dropped. I can't wait until I'm allowed to talk about it! Thanks again for reading and have a day!!!

  • Hyper-Ninja

    LOL 😮

  • 《Gacha And gaming》
    《Gacha And gaming》

    Okay so we're simping over bakugo now? 😃

  • electric fire
    electric fire

    TikTok is killing people

  • ꧁CM Sandi ꧂
    ꧁CM Sandi ꧂

    I mean where do our subconscious go to when we die?Could shifting be your subconscious mind drifting off to another reality or just simple projections like lucid dreaming.A part of me thinks its unreal but somehow I kinda believe its possible because things like spirits and reincarnations are real even though they're not scientifically proven 🙂

  • Rabbit shorts
    Rabbit shorts


  • Edean Chu
    Edean Chu

    Ok so there’s a version of me deciding wether to watch James or jaiden

    • Edean Chu
      Edean Chu

      @Lunar I don’t really believe in that kind of stuff

    • Edean Chu
      Edean Chu

      @Lunar …

    • Lunar

      yes, there's a reality where you didn't even get on youtube , a reality where i'm not responding to your message, who knows how many realities , that's if you believe in multiple realities of course

  • Jonathan Neri
    Jonathan Neri

    It ain’t real

  • Jonathan Neri
    Jonathan Neri

    I don’t believe in this stuff about shifting

    • Lunar

      just don't invalidate someone who does believe in shifting, just because you don't believe in it doesn't mean its the same for everyone else

    • Lunar

      that's valid, you don't have to, no one is forcing you really

  • Jonathan Neri
    Jonathan Neri

    How about a reality about memes

  • ¿WhatIsReena?

    I am definitely not a reality shifter, and I'm not going to start a debate. But lucid dreaming or "being aware of your dreams" is a real thing. It has nothing to do with "multiple universes" or any of that other bs.

  • Colton Hall
    Colton Hall

    I love the I’m a good person song

  • Itz_ Maddie
    Itz_ Maddie

    Ok so I do something I kinda call shifting but it’s a bit different, it’s more like imagining reallllyyyy hard. When I read, or I’m just laying down or sitting, I think of something like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson and I can clearly picture it in my mind, kinda like I’m there, but I’m not. It’s pretty cool but I don’t think it’s like shifting realities or anything just pulling yourself into your mind and imagining a place you want to go too!

  • Lemon Looser
    Lemon Looser

    I think that reality shifting is being in a dream, but knowing it's a dream and controlling what you do in that dream.

  • André Passos Dos Santos
    André Passos Dos Santos

    Algum brasileiro

  • Jackson Hibbard
    Jackson Hibbard

    I love my hero academia it is the best anime

  • T4Konnor

    At the end, did I have a stroke

  • WH3R3 D0dTH3YG0
    WH3R3 D0dTH3YG0


  • Lehi Cook
    Lehi Cook

    i tried shifting knowing it's a dream. it didn't work

  • Kat Kay
    Kat Kay

    It’s not even the shifting that bothers me it’s that they INSIST they’re correct and ignore all science

  • MrMarahuyo

    people are stupid lmao

  • Kassie Agreste
    Kassie Agreste


  • Jayna

    no it is who wouldent want to drop out of a mugle public school

  • Diamond DemonZ
    Diamond DemonZ

    How does he want to date Draco Malfoy or Bakugo

  • Elliot Choat
    Elliot Choat

    It thought it was just allusive dreaming

  • Olivia kloppenborg
    Olivia kloppenborg

    I want to write about this on the internet so I can see if anyone else can relate. I imagine stories. I am really into Fandom, so I make fanfics in my head. But then I think about my future l. I can't do this forever l. I have to go to college, get a job, have a family. I could be a ISdownsr, making comics of my fandoms, but I want more to become of my life. I want to be a surgeon, an architect, a scientist even. But I'm scared, I don't know what's going to happen. I know, that people in these videos are supper supportive. So do you have any advice please.

  • angie henkemeyer
    angie henkemeyer


  • Acheampong Afriyie
    Acheampong Afriyie

    Why would you want to be with bakugo? Also known as the brainless jerk, and the bully without half a brain cell with anger issues.

  • Mentrix Stud
    Mentrix Stud

    Hey thus man just summed up any religion ever

    • Umair ashraf
      Umair ashraf


  • Lord_Explosion_Murder

    "also back off bakugo, he mine." WOAH

  • Doomslug

    i dunno man but this video is giving off a lot of gay panic vibes

  • J M Archives
    J M Archives

    R u an atheist? Genuine question

  • J M Archives
    J M Archives

    The so called COVID vaccine isn’t even officially classified as a vaccine by the fda lol the media called it a vaccine and you can look into this trump supports it because he makes money of every shot that’s administered and I’m a trump supporter wake up people they are already up to the 3rd! Shot

    • J M Archives
      J M Archives

      I’m against anti vaccers but don’t classify people who don’t want to take this one as anti vaccine

    • J M Archives
      J M Archives

      Ps. Me and my family have taken every vaccine but this one because it isn’t a vaccine

    • J M Archives
      J M Archives

      Pls like or dislike to let me know that someone actually read this

  • Ninjawolf5000

    When u realise americans probs wouldnt go to hogwarts coz its a different country

  • KaramellCookiee

    so what you're saying is that if Kids didnt do a TikTok trend, Covid wouldnt have happend? Got it!

  • MrTroll Yt
    MrTroll Yt

    im wearing a bucket har at this very moment ._.

  • Wired Wrong
    Wired Wrong

    You do realize magic is real, anything you can't understand completely is in fact able to be described as magic. Because when something is so advance that it's not common knowledge and easy to understand chances are good it's magic.

  • Robinx1985

    From what I know, only way a person shifts to a different reality, it just happens randomly where an event that happened in your reality never happened in this other one causing the Mandela effect. Yes I believe a multiverse exists based on ourselves but no one can forcefully shift into another reality and assume your doppelgangers (Multiversal you) life. Nice video btw.

  • Mr . Jacobszez
    Mr . Jacobszez

    Don't hate on James

  • The hope of Nagito
    The hope of Nagito

    I have a hard choice now subscribe to you or not. I should -not- subscribe yay

  • código M3X
    código M3X

    i'm not you but i love bakago is he will be my UWU

  • Caleb Rutell
    Caleb Rutell

    Fun Fact: When you die an alternate you takes your body

  • Hadley

    you can totally reality shift! it’s called lucid dreaming.

  • The Crazy Koala
    The Crazy Koala

    1:52 🤣🤣🤣

  • Gamer 196
    Gamer 196

    James - how did we not die when thanos snap No it doesn't work like that. Ok multiple realities doesn't mean everything is possible how could a different decision lead to infinity stones And this multiple realities is an "idea " which means it CAN be true

  • Nasser Albaqumi
    Nasser Albaqumi

    Reality shifting is actually lucid dreaming which is when you are aware you are dreaming and you have control of the dream

  • Owen Sorrell
    Owen Sorrell

    Look, im anti-vas ONLY because it’s not really proven that it works and the chances of negative side effects sorta scares me away from it. I personally don’t mind if you want to get the vax, it’s your right to, I just don’t want to be pressured by others to do something I don’t trust.

  • Monkeybot2021


  • ♡_  o a k  _♡
    ♡_ o a k _♡

    How many fictional characters does James simp for, again? But seriously, this dude is so much like me, except change the bakugo to Tsuyu Asui and that's just about right. And, damn, that Bakugo drawing. I can't imagine how much work it must have been for you, getting out of your art style. Also demonitization.

  • Austin Allen
    Austin Allen

    i like toga

  • {•ArunaTheWolfwalker•}

    1:47 AMOGUS

    • The Watcher
      The Watcher

      S U S

  • Eljay All The Way
    Eljay All The Way

    Half of this entire episode is James having a Bi panic-💀

  • Coolboy xd3
    Coolboy xd3

    Help him

  • Coolboy xd3
    Coolboy xd3

    James has gone insane

  • Legitimint

    Okay so to clear thing up by the way, you’re mixing up two different ideas of how different universes exist. One theory, the many worlds theory, is the one you were talking about, where every decision someone makes creates a split that in turn creates more universes, infinitely. Though you’re right, this doesn’t explain how a universe where the events of Harry Potter were real. Instead, that stems from another idea that claims that there are an infinite number of different universes out there, all with their own Big Bang that led to completely different outcomes. It could be something as small as all humans having purple eyes or it could literally have different laws of physics. Hypothetically, of all the different universe that exist, there might be one out there where something like magic is real, or the way it looks coincidentally resembles cartoons and anime created today. Yes it’s extremely unlikely, but when there are truly and INFINITE number of worlds out there, the chance of one being exactly how you want isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Besides, I really think you’re being a bit harsh here. So what if someone believes in reality shifting? It’s not hurting you, is it? Not only is it a real belief that people actually put a lot of time into learning about it, but it’s also a form of escapism for young teenagers like myself. To be honest, the world kinda sucks, and sometimes I feel like I’m not satisfied with my own life. Especially because, as a trans person, I feel like I’m never goin to be comfortable in my own body. Is the idea that there’s a belief that allows me to live the life I want to really that bad?

    • PanRex

      yes, it's that bad. beliefs like those make you unhappy with your life, making you think: "oh why should i do anything to feel better with myself if i can just dream about my desired life?" doing that is just not good for you, you should go talk to someone or get professional help

  • i like you a lotl
    i like you a lotl

    the 32k pepole are reailty shifters

  • Free Items Shindo Life
    Free Items Shindo Life


  • Femme Funtime
    Femme Funtime

    I think these kids would get a lot more out of lucid dreaming honestly

  • -Tato-

    Only real fans know he made a video about this a year ago.

  • viktor städe
    viktor städe

    Realities splitting due to decisions is a misconception. It is thought that all quantum events irregardless of obersvers or choices happen. We're talking incredibly minute things like spins of individual electrons. If you chose a certain cereal, you probably do so in every reality that looks like the one you are in. Brains chemistry is just too big to be affected by such minute changes.

  • kexiaah Anning
    kexiaah Anning

    Nice touch with the Buster😌😌👍🏾

  • Rebel Turtle
    Rebel Turtle

    Coming back to this a long time later, I saw a post about a "reality shifter" who had a dream that they killed Draco Malfoy, and everyone was making a big deal of it, calling the person a murderer. I absolutely believe that this is a harmful belief because of that

  • A-Plus

    Voldemort: “Avada Kedavra” J. K. Rowling: I’m about to commit spider web from heaven.

  • A-Plus

    Everybody gangsta till Lucius malfoy’s secret admirer is James

  • iris hawk
    iris hawk

    I like how Odd1sout simps for bakugo and some *SoFt BrItIsH BoYs*

  • Cup of blood
    Cup of blood

    dude you shift during the night so you also write out time plots too

    • Z.O.M.G

      Dreaming is not shiting. They are created by our brains

  • GatoTrucho


  • LagAttack

    You can create the craziest timelines by saying "I choose not to [x]" That said, I choose not to be able to fly. Now there's a time line where I can fly x3


    so there's a reality where cocomelon makes adult films............

    • Abdullahi

      OH....Oh dear god no

  • N9er _
    N9er _

    if reality shifting happens when your sleeping would being in a coma be reality shifting for a long time

    • Ven

      short word: lucid dreaming

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker

    I'd go into Live Action Star Wars and give Anakin a second Youngling Slayer 5000. (i don't believe it but just as a fun example)

  • arrowsplit xd
    arrowsplit xd

    So there is a universe where someone out of nearly 8 billion people moved one finger a tiny bit more according to these kids on tik tok

  • Reed Luhmann
    Reed Luhmann

    I’m watching an anime exactly like this, it’s really interesting ask if you want the name

    • Logan Koster
      Logan Koster

      That does sound interesting, what would be the name of this anime?

  • luna the bird
    luna the bird

    So no one is gonna talk about bill cipher in the thumbnail?

  • Diego Mora
    Diego Mora

    This is why I don't like Harry Potter

  • Laura Knox
    Laura Knox

    it's amazing how arrogant and stupid one can be when not educated

  • Olivia Rivas
    Olivia Rivas

    When he said I wanna be in a relationship with draco and then he said &/

    • Olivia Rivas
      Olivia Rivas

      Not me and blushes and I was like 0,0

  • Alice Nguyen
    Alice Nguyen

    i was one time researching on this, like how did it work. Its kind of like lucid dreaming, but u decide where u go yourself by constant brain stimulation. Thats why it takes a few month trying, because lucid dreaming is really difficult... Quite understandable that such an activity will be heavily cult/spiritual related as it is

  • Jonathan Neri
    Jonathan Neri

    Now I am thinking what if we are a reality that is made by someone else? :D

  • silly goose
    silly goose

    I don't believe in different realities cause of my religion to me it's quite silly but believe it I guess

  • TrippyTiger

    2:51 wait a second.....

  • tyler catch me hehe!!!!!!!!!!!
    tyler catch me hehe!!!!!!!!!!!

    james: not like i wanna date draco or anything.. me: we must team up ;)

    • tyler catch me hehe!!!!!!!!!!!
      tyler catch me hehe!!!!!!!!!!!

      james again: also back off bakugou hes mine me: yeah we must be siblings.

  • mr moo cow
    mr moo cow

    E e e

  • Taylor Toca
    Taylor Toca

    No u back off bakugo he is mine >:(

  • •Thë stüffëd pïlløw•
    •Thë stüffëd pïlløw•

    Hey hey Adam what’s with all the blondes 😖🥴😲

  • kazi ikhwan
    kazi ikhwan

    0:34 true for about 1.9 billion people

    • kazi ikhwan
      kazi ikhwan

      I'm not being racist Im part of that 1.9 billion people

    • kazi ikhwan
      kazi ikhwan

      I'm taking about the dog thing

  • A Rob
    A Rob

    "I wanna shift to Hogwarts and be in a relationship with Draco Malfoy." *how did he know?*

  • WhO_ArE_YoU_LmAo?

    Plot twist: james is a huge drarry supporter

  • Lotus Keyper
    Lotus Keyper

    What if I want to go to mystreet Im kidding I don’t believe in that stuff such as Shifting, Consperisy theory’s , Flat Earth, and I HATE Racisom

  • it's Hyazinth
    it's Hyazinth

    You can't judge my bakuyo x y/n story's Maniacal laughter insert here*

  • Rhys Quick
    Rhys Quick

    Here is the bakugo part 5:53

    • Rhys Quick
      Rhys Quick

      And 5:07 where he says bakugo is his.

    • Rhys Quick
      Rhys Quick

      And in 8:04 is where the old lady talks to bakugo

  • Glowing Games
    Glowing Games

    I feel like it could technically be possible for there to be lots of different realities, but the concept that you could switch them is bs.

  • Zuzanna C
    Zuzanna C

    I’m not an anti vaccine at all but certain vaccines our body really doesn’t need and the covid vaccine is an experimental vaccine it says it everywhere people are just blind, proper vaccines go through tests and testing etc for atleast 3-5 years if not younger and this vaccine just popped out off no where and the side effects are horrible.

    • Geom

      What about the seniors? Whose immunity system is weak and can't stand a chance against covid. What about the 2 million people that died? The COVID-19 vaccine was developed in such a short time because alot of nations invested fuck tons of money on research for the creation of a vaccine. Also the first SARS pandemic that happened in 2003 is very similar to covid thus scientists got a head start. So now you'll understand why the vaccine was created in such a short time also pls don't take horse dewormer.

  • Teacher yiing
    Teacher yiing

    "Back of Bakugo he is mine" lol

  • Raquel Del Rosario
    Raquel Del Rosario

    ya hes yours i hate him i hate bakugo and i like deku better

  • Rimmy Ratatoullie
    Rimmy Ratatoullie

    How does nobody know that we breathe air that is actually drugs and real drugs make you see the real world

    • picoloas cage
      picoloas cage


  • Chad Young
    Chad Young

    If it is real bill cypher is coming back.

  • Kimberly Anne
    Kimberly Anne

    “Back off Bakugou he is mine” OMG a MHA fan

  • Someone Bugbee
    Someone Bugbee

    Vaccines don’t work

    • Schmuckle

      Are you joking?

    • LuAnX Music
      LuAnX Music

      they do bro

  • Cathleen Simeo
    Cathleen Simeo

    I believe the multi-verse but I do not believe that you can go to different universes also there is no Hogwarts universe because the multi-verse is only affected by decisions no decision can make magic exist

    • ProLemonMC