Conspiracy Theories and Crazy People
Is it a conspiracy that I think you're cute or does that make me illuminaughty
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  • KrisPlayz

    *Half of the people here are vaccers* Me: The only anti vaccer watching this video. my favorite ytber(Odd1sout)

  • Ricardo Jacinto
    Ricardo Jacinto

    Nice big foot there at 2:25

  • wilson huang
    wilson huang

    I think that crazy people just want to be stupid and they want people to hate them

  • I Can See u 247
    I Can See u 247


  • ShockZ

    shut up its true you cant prove anything you are just a pathetic losor who makes comics you cant proof anything we are not crazy

    • Jeremy Stevens
      Jeremy Stevens


    • canskasapa emanon
      canskasapa emanon

      i'm not wearing no pants.

  • Alberto Pereza
    Alberto Pereza

    5:34 what a nice background

  • Erinyes

    I burst out laughing when it was the government that gave the ice cream. So clever

  • ZO 5 E S I4 I5
    ZO 5 E S I4 I5

    So the vaxxination has became the deciding fact when it comes to craziness. Vaxxed=normie, unvaxxed=lunatic. Just look at how they divide us with the bullshit. BLM like I had any problem ever with a black guy. What the hell I worked with them, I loved them, they didn't have a problem with me.... it's all made up problems in the news and politics

  • Damn Thats Hot
    Damn Thats Hot

    5:33 that background is from latest video

  • Craig Duguid
    Craig Duguid

    What’s more crazy knowing the world is fucked up and accepting it? or knowing the worlds fucked up trying to fix it by doing something about it by spreading the truth? I think you’re crazy!

    • canskasapa emanon
      canskasapa emanon

      that proves it man...

    • canskasapa emanon
      canskasapa emanon

      record yourself saying 'jello pudding pops' and play it backwards. i think you will be amazed almost as much as if you record the word 'jesus' and heard backwards 'sausage!'.

  • just nothing
    just nothing

    5:33 look at that amazing background

  • 03-Anand krishna
    03-Anand krishna

    odd1'sout...........that shrek puzzle........where did you find that image

  • Dr.F999

    Nice background. 5:33

  • James S
    James S

    Thats sus 4:01

    • Jeremy Stevens
      Jeremy Stevens

      12 year old: sus = funny

  • Trey Castillo
    Trey Castillo

    Haminations moment *wow dude my milk taste like colors

    • canskasapa emanon
      canskasapa emanon

      my asshole wants to eat my underwear. it constantly keeps sucking it up inside of itself. why does my asshole want to eat my underwear?

  • fullon

    james is sus 4:01

  • stickzez

    4:02 sus

  • Mr. random
    Mr. random

    Fun fact: the earth isnt round or flat. Its actually pear shaped.

    • canskasapa emanon
      canskasapa emanon

      just like a menopausal woman's butt.

  • The Cameron
    The Cameron

    Noooo you can’t do dat

    • canskasapa emanon
      canskasapa emanon

      beatles? please listen to me if you wanna be mine. if i cant help my feelings i go out of my mind, im gonna let you down.... and leave you flat.... because i told you before... oh, you cant do that.

  • B. Bowers
    B. Bowers

    This guy is saying targeted in individuals are just crazy or schizophrenia but nothing he says proves that they are not being followed when they claim to be. Rather than facts he just stares opinions and true to do so in a way that implies you must be an idiot to think that shit happens when being nieve to the fact that the majority of the world have different life experiences and not everyone has the same life style or same resources to survive and the ability to adapt to environments it what makes us different than animals. Yes many of who you see claiming to be gang stalked are likely acting crazy to help discredit and make outcast of the ones that go through that nightmare. It is psychological torturer and smear campaigns with the goal of destroying someones life because if they didn't the targeted 0nes might actually be influential to others enough that it interferes with some plan for mankind that is already in going on but would not be possible to get people to blindly be subject or part of something that would go against there values or morals if only they knew where they sit in a butterfly effect. It's all smoke and mirrors and this guy's video of trying to effect viewers opinions by using the fact and opinions as they were interchange able and the same, well that makes this guy become a fact that smear campaigns like target individuals claim to be victim of are infact actual things that happen and him making it sound crazy while he is it himself attempting to discredit and influence the reality or beliefs of others. If more people don't start waking up to reality is more than the bubble that they live there own life in, than the ones blowing off that something they don't understand could happen to someone else how are we any smarter or better than a bunch of cows that do nothing but wander around chewing on grass all day. That is many steps backword in evolution. And most likely will keep us from ever being taken serious or respected to any possible intelligent life that has stayed clear of or reality so far. It's fishy how much effort and resources are used in discrediting some when facts should be all that's needed to do so. To other person like you should let you feel or think they are more important or correct about what you, yourself cam be just as capable of determining on your own. Why beable have our own views if we were meant to have some one with the same senses push opinions meant to cause you to question yourself. No matter how much you've been told others care you won't live a very long or happy existence with out actually prioritizing yourself. It is sad how humans should be advancing and evolving and and most don't see or understand if they step back and try to see the big picture our greed is not going to let that happen at the rate things are at now.

  • Duncan Thomas
    Duncan Thomas


  • gerald

    0:17 me eating the entire jar of flintstone gummies

  • Craz- Dito
    Craz- Dito

    Did you guys see bigfoot at 2:25 *epic*

  • Nezuko’s box
    Nezuko’s box

    What if laws are just very official rules, different rules you break cause different punishments, very much sounds like a game I played in school…what if schools are preparing you to not be a criminal because all the punishments *sucked.*

  • BEYOND fangAD
    BEYOND fangAD

    He was talking about his girlfried having a snake pet

  • ThaiGapples



  • Larisa Burnett
    Larisa Burnett

    I say that no no you can't do that

  • Sounds in The dark
    Sounds in The dark

    My coworker was crazy and thought she spoke to god at 3am and believed that COVID was a ploy to make a lethal injection to half the population. And that all these stimulus checks weren’t really going to be given away because the people getting them would die. Yeah she was weird

  • Richie Mouritsen
    Richie Mouritsen


  • •Angry•

    When i see bakudeku tododek deku x allmight x deku ereri 1:11

  • Decisive dirt
    Decisive dirt

    My friends are spiders but I don’t believe this stuff

  • Ron

    4:01 sus

  • Michal Vobejda
    Michal Vobejda

    I like smoking weed. Its kinda funny

  • Bernardo Almeida
    Bernardo Almeida

    4:01 Among…. Us????

  • Saket Shah
    Saket Shah

    The L is real reference was a good one

  • hateyouifyoukillme

    I agree that flat earthers is a goverment psyop operation

  • Torinado Thundercat
    Torinado Thundercat

    hooah dude my sandwich tastes like colors

  • Sassydood IMBA
    Sassydood IMBA

    i used to be a flat earther. then i went to kindergarten

  • Strong exe
    Strong exe

    " among us.." me: AMONGUS?!?!

  • Josh The_Thing
    Josh The_Thing

    Covid vac dont work. Change my mind about that...


    The "WhAo DuDe I tHiNk i CaN tAsTe CoLoRs" got my sub XD

  • mielkye

    No one talking about the shrek image?

  • Gacha Crackheads
    Gacha Crackheads

    Sorry James but bakugo is spelled bakugou

  • ~theo the smile demon :)
    ~theo the smile demon :)

    My mother is just like that ;-;

  • Polina Lazareva
    Polina Lazareva


  • xXAJB123Xx

    4:01 📮🆘

  • Womr

    1:11 sr pelo reference

  • Hunter Palmer
    Hunter Palmer

    3:05 WAIT, you mean to tell me, that there are government agents that go around shoot futuristic laser weapons at things, and said futuristic laser weapons shoot pure rainbow sex energy. Sign me up, i want to work in that department.

  • Jackson Kerr
    Jackson Kerr

    5:18 I would argue that those funding films have approved some interesting films in the past, films which were not necessarily well-designed and many which are certainly poorly written. Remember the Star Wars Christmas Special?

  • BoxTroll-Chan


  • KnightReplayz


  • Reading265days

    Conspiracy theory: James is the exact opposite of everything he has been saying to us.

  • Beatrice Monster
    Beatrice Monster

    7:31 i want that naked shrek and i want it NOW. 0-0 shrekky is all mine

  • Elie Lemelin
    Elie Lemelin

    deez nuts

    • Compressed Depression
      Compressed Depression


    • canskasapa emanon
      canskasapa emanon

      in yo face.

  • meme game
    meme game

    I understand ,some peoples trust these theories ,there is nothing wrong, u can believe what u want ,but dont get mad bcuz others dont believe them ,u say ur telling the truth ,but if others are dumb and dont believe ur stupid theory then just dont care, if ur doing good to urself and many peoples dont know that is the right way then let them fall down dont care about them, if u think doctors and goverment is evil then let other die to the hands of them if u dont die then that is great

  • Linkin Emerson
    Linkin Emerson

    Made right when covid started & complains about "astronomical evidence" pointing at 1 idea" so its "crazy" to believe in any other... while people like him never see actual factual proof...not evidence...not conspiracy... facts of Fauci funding the study of sars covid mutating directly into people & exactly how to weaponize it...not made up words, these are their own documents. That lab just happens to be in Wuhan China...the same place where it mysteriously came from a black market...riiiighht. if you believe Fauci or any Dem at this point... you are 100% the crazy person. & I have directly shown leftists this or many other left/Dem lies but they just sit there dumbstruck... either zero response or they get busy magically & cit the convo off, or if only in a group setrimg of lefties, they lash out & start hurling bad names as their co tributuon to the facys I just presented. Yup... but to them...I. the crazy.

  • Everests_Yeti

    my dad is exactly like this

  • Sarah Kirk
    Sarah Kirk

    L is Real 2401 and The Wario Apparition

  • Donnie


  • hyper the fox
    hyper the fox

    James became buster and I saw invader Zim.

  • Shub1924 _
    Shub1924 _

    2:24 im rewatching this video and i just saw the sasquatch in the back lol

  • ToxicYouth

    Flat earther's are real all right! They're ALL OVER the globe!

  • Dark C:wolfy
    Dark C:wolfy

    I’m crazy :>

  • Hao 1412
    Hao 1412

    Yes i believe in a theory that says: flat earther are a disguised government agents who realized that people were getting smarter day by day and in the end they might even start realizing that the presidents are a bunch of stupid people so they decided to keep them busy with silly things like what is the shape of the earth

  • MoshiWooz

    haminations stole the line

  • Eloi Sherifi
    Eloi Sherifi

    sus 4:02

  • Eloi Sherifi
    Eloi Sherifi

    sus 4:01

  • Megan

    This all hits differently in 2021

  • Theo Paquin
    Theo Paquin

    Recently I found out my mom's friend is real and she will not let go of the idea even If I give here solid proof that cannot be explained in any other way.

  • Rockne Webb
    Rockne Webb

    lol invader Zid was there on 2:15

  • BrooklynAnimates


  • Owen Rini
    Owen Rini

    2:25 bifoot


    James: I don't think a crazy person I a person who owns a pet snake. GIF: good.

  • StarFire ( o_o) What The Heck
    StarFire ( o_o) What The Heck

    Wait I just prank everyone in my neighborhood and one of them thinks the government in doing that. nope it's a kid who has nothing better to do

  • AshtheShadow_Pheonix

    This was uploaded the day before my b day

  • Zillafan333

    1:38 I had a lady who made my sandwich just like that

  • Mr. Ace
    Mr. Ace

    Dr Joe dispenza is highly triggered by this

  • Milkymations

    Lmao when I animate I watch you

  • Dan Clement
    Dan Clement

    Why is invader zim in there

  • Luis Lozano
    Luis Lozano

    2:18 I just saw invader zim.

  • Slendermonkey

    blows smoke on sandwich, has hallucinations

  • ♡︎•Honey Bear•♡︎
    ♡︎•Honey Bear•♡︎

    Me : but your girlfriend has pet snakes ;-;

  • Jen Mordecai
    Jen Mordecai

    But denying modern medicine no nooooooo nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo is the best

  • Abner Lopez
    Abner Lopez

    Havana syndrome...

  • NWR Studio's
    NWR Studio's

    Wow Dude, My Sandwich Taste Like Color's!

  • Michelle HB
    Michelle HB


  • Nichole Rathsack
    Nichole Rathsack

    If the Earth was flat we'd all be PAPER! EARTH IS NOT FLAT FLAT EARTHERS!!!!!

  • 윤유진

    my mom is an anti vaxxer… help 😢

  • Godzilla

    I WANMA BE A WHISTLE BLOWER!!! But I dont own a whistle..... 🥺🥺

  • Sonic gaming
    Sonic gaming

    Sonic the hedgehog is in here

  • Siyamthanda Dlamini
    Siyamthanda Dlamini

    My sister is literally your coworker 😂(not really she just acts like him)

  • Kosmic

    What if what James sees are just the normal people and he is the crazy one?

  • RangeonGaming

    5:33 apreciate the background for 4 seconds!

  • Vince Sowell
    Vince Sowell

    Conspiracy - secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. Crazy Person - a Person who believes a Conspiracy could never happen.

  • Bob tree builder
    Bob tree builder

    6:55 that dude probably has tb


  • Cox

    Lol the odd1s in

  • Brendan Carlin
    Brendan Carlin

    You what’s a weird conspiracy theory? That the earth is ROUND!!

  • silverbull21

    Thats how my dad is kinda