The Truth About Making Cartoons
Oh you like cartoons? Name every single animation.
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  • King Lol Gamer
    King Lol Gamer

    Bangladeshi fan

  • King Lol Gamer
    King Lol Gamer

    love from bangladesh

  • abdul gafoor
    abdul gafoor

    Madusa is his "gifs" name


    I stayed for 1 hour in 5:38 so i can appreciate the background

  • Spandy007

    2:12 reminds me of technoblade's 1m subs special like its almost the same (the reason why artists need to survive = the reason technoblade decided to make videos to get money)

  • Awais Gaming YT
    Awais Gaming YT

    This is just a joke see sharam ki sketch book you will know about animation this is a joke for him LOL

  • SoinsMakesContent

    w-wear your seatbelts?

  • Future Gamer_2835
    Future Gamer_2835

    but he was wrong : he thinks anime is done without a team james also uses a team but they also have to animate their own things for their channel that’s is the video summed up

  • Jollie Anne
    Jollie Anne

    Cute dog

  • •hibikis•hairpin•

    2:52 nagitoe

  • Sara Reilly
    Sara Reilly


  • ToonsByEllie

    After recently getting into animation, I suddenly see James in a whole new light. My animations aren’t even good! I can’t imagine how painstaking it must be to make anything that looks professional. Respect to this man!

  • RachonsThegamer

    Bro i really love to edit but i like never know how to edit draw im really bad but its y hobby

  • Prantik das
    Prantik das

    Please make a video about animation pipeline

  • 25-5D owaiz shaikh
    25-5D owaiz shaikh

    Oh come on you guys never come to india

  • mintea

    2:53 Never knew he liked danganronpa

  • T-Lost

    you should hear the truth about this ratio

  • Madax

    I have been watching this man for 5 years and I’ve watched him go from young teen to grown man

  • Animated or something
    Animated or something

    As an animator im very glad I don't now have to animate a video about how animation is hard.

  • Jenny Wright
    Jenny Wright

    My hamster died today do you have any motivating words to say? 😭

  • Antonio Montoya
    Antonio Montoya

    Did anyone see that character from regular show at 2:27 ?

    • Antonio Montoya
      Antonio Montoya

      And then at 2:53 I saw nagito komeada did I say that right?

    • Antonio Montoya
      Antonio Montoya

      A few characters I can name at 2:50 were sailor moon ash Ketchum and there’s another person I do not know the name of

  • kokichi

    why is nagito everywhere

  • olivia perez
    olivia perez

    It's been 4 years!, TheOdd1sOut, Can't you make a sequel of 'Growing up without Cable'! Please make this!

  • Idk what to put here
    Idk what to put here

    Can we get a chain of f

  • Two rocks
    Two rocks

    Are you hiring I got some ideas

  • Samuel Bohn
    Samuel Bohn

    Wait I forgot to wear my seatbelt

  • john carino
    john carino


  • john carino
    john carino


  • Cian Looby
    Cian Looby

    Gravity Falls is an example of an amazing show

  • BlaneKaBOOM

    lol the fingers

  • Bean Bomb
    Bean Bomb

    Here is a animation I made!

    • Bean Bomb
      Bean Bomb

      By the way I’m only 10 years old…

  • Milkymations

    James I hope you the best for everything even if Idk what your going through even if it isn’t even a sad video but wish you luck for scribble showdown

  • TheAwesomeAlfonso

    James Stop Deleting your Vids

  • Calista Wong
    Calista Wong

    I literally saw Bakugo known as my husband in the tv

  • •Your Local Crackhead•
    •Your Local Crackhead•

    NAGITO?! 💀

  • JoeyDeadman

    Thank you for this. -your friendly neighborhood tattoo artist

  • Daisy Orozco
    Daisy Orozco

    This is good.

  • *̴́̀Cookie Dough*̴́̀
    *̴́̀Cookie Dough*̴́̀

    So we’re not gonna talk about twilight and mord- ok

  • Toxic Fishes
    Toxic Fishes

    Hear me-

  • Ashley Wiggins
    Ashley Wiggins


  • Jose G
    Jose G

    So James reads chainsawman?

  • dragon Squad
    dragon Squad

    Even though you posted this 2 weeks ago I still love that you explain to that drawing isn't that easy it's really hard for people in that comment that you shared is oh my gosh that is the rudest thing anyone consent it tells me that animators need time to create and to talk about and through that month that they're doing it that's why it takes a long time

  • The darkness Yt
    The darkness Yt

    I know what I have to do but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it

  • Ethan got gaming
    Ethan got gaming

    2:27 is that shooting stars thing please don’t bring it back. It’s a big giant fat guy and I’m scared of it

  • Marlon Reyes
    Marlon Reyes

    I want to be come in the artist, dancer and singer when I grow up, so yeah, and maybe a designer, so I'm pretty sure I don't even need most of this stuff but OK

  • Butterscotch Sketches
    Butterscotch Sketches

    this man actually animates everything. don’t worry, I checked.

  • seywatt

  • Aidan G
    Aidan G

    Its nagetoe 2:53

  • pug king
    pug king

    jejus take the wheel

  • LemonCake

    Me when watching James Videos: I’ve been here 60 years and I’m still not board

  • Splash

    Hey It's that guy from TommyInnit

  • Bonnie Greene
    Bonnie Greene

    1:35 ferret 3:58 ferret 4:04 ferret 4:12 animaniacs

  • Linda Motley
    Linda Motley



    [Insert uneducated comment here]

  • Jocsan Reyes
    Jocsan Reyes

    Hola alguien puede poner el guion del video en inglés en los comentarios

  • E H
    E H

    My mans really just said "i cant draw fingers" and then immediately drew fingers

  • Sebastian Sanchez
    Sebastian Sanchez

    im interested

  • Letiah

    all the sonic easter eggs XD

  • Marandax


  • Jean Kirsten Oblianda
    Jean Kirsten Oblianda


  • flp games 2
    flp games 2

    7 hours what

  • Mo Rosa
    Mo Rosa

    Do it

    • Mo Rosa
      Mo Rosa

      The pip line video

  • Dream anti
    Dream anti


  • ReverseGod

    I'm so glad this dude still uploads animations UNLiKe SOME PEOPLE(YES I'm talking about you JAIDEN)

  • Relatable Cartoons
    Relatable Cartoons

    Hi James, I just wanted to say thank you because you inspired me to start my own channel called Relatable Cartoons. Thank you so much!


    Helo Mr 1odds out

  • Certified_Nawf


  • Wesley Myers
    Wesley Myers

    hi im a big fan james :3

  • Sus_Arsenal

    Oh it’s the guy from the Tommyinnit animation!!!

  • Peter Carpenter
    Peter Carpenter

    But rick and morty don't make episodes in a couple of years

  • Pedro

    (2:52) K O M A E D A and D E N J I

  • Lauralynn Williams
    Lauralynn Williams

    I took an animation course last year an good god it was so hard and it took so long. I have so much respect for professional animators

  • Unknown Noob
    Unknown Noob

    2:36 The third option is to sell your plama 😂👌

  • Marissa t
    Marissa t

    also Jame's 1. NIce beard ^^ 2. you um...have something with Sanic?

  • Dan Lag
    Dan Lag

    Duke you know where to get them what is your I do you I have

  • Marissa t
    Marissa t

    omg oban star racers????

  • Moritorrinco

    5:41 amogus

  • Flippy Frogman
    Flippy Frogman

    I just realized every public video James has ever uploaded has over 1 million views... wow

  • Obeaux315

    I watch your videos so so so so so much 😍😍😍😚🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍

  • Magnus, Sophie and Elyot 🦎🐾
    Magnus, Sophie and Elyot 🦎🐾


  • TommyNotInnIt

    I'm just so excited he's coming to Nashville because almost no ISdownsrs do this an it's on a weekend. IM GOING, LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Arnav Iyer
    Arnav Iyer

    I’ll sell my plasma or whatever he said

  • AbbiAbb422

    thanks for trying but im just terrable at drawing even tho iv always wanted to be a animator :') (please put this commet in your video)

  • 10k before I upload first video challenge
    10k before I upload first video challenge

    okay imagine doing 7+ hours of work for only 4 seconds of content..

  • the1895bigboy

    which comes first, the voices or the drawings?

    • TurretBox


  • Destruction Murder
    Destruction Murder

    Wait does this mean there’s no more episodes? Shorts?????

  • Xonzero

    Why so many shorts :(

  • fabrizio salvador
    fabrizio salvador


  • GHOSTBOY Aka Leroy
    GHOSTBOY Aka Leroy

    Holy shit art is hard

  • Colin Bellfield
    Colin Bellfield

    James:I have facial hair now .me:ok yep he is in his 20s


    Why don't do stories about gameplay

  • wait what
    wait what

    Odd balls 🤔

  • Bill cipher
    Bill cipher

    the language he speaks is facts

  • 🌈ℍ𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕪 𝕨𝕖𝕖𝕜
    🌈ℍ𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕪 𝕨𝕖𝕖𝕜

    N-NAGITO 2:53

  • asif iqbal
    asif iqbal

    Your amasing

  • Brit’shBoi Mapping
    Brit’shBoi Mapping

    Endigo made a song about you 😦

  • josh

    OWO is an entity who hides in the comments proven by film Theory

  • Thomas J Hayward
    Thomas J Hayward

  • Gilberto Morales
    Gilberto Morales


  • Bigey 11
    Bigey 11

    normally a youtuber who animates name gametoons who makes videos saturday and wensday or random day feels kinda lazy and get milions of views by putting a rythm game call friday night funkin or for short fnf by there thumbnials look by it yourself