Owl and Snake

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  • Lisa Baarens
    Lisa Baarens

    I just continued watching you and your are da best

  • •^•𝚂𝚗𝚞𝚏𝚏𝚢🌙

    Actually owls also eat their food in one just like snakes Stooopids

  • Kristian Thim
    Kristian Thim

    Not hard to see that your gf owns reptiles

  • Flare the Fox
    Flare the Fox

    As a snake owner this is inaccurate The snake didn't miss the bite on the first time and then try to eat it butt first

  • CombuFox Gaming
    CombuFox Gaming

    Can i get a bite *swallow the entire rat* Owl = hey my food you said a bite not the entire rat you rat

  • 12 32
    12 32

    I wonder if rats have any taste🤔

  • Potato Sans41
    Potato Sans41

    More shorts plzzz

  • JoAnn Morelli
    JoAnn Morelli

    plot twist:the snake was poisonous/venomous

  • eraser


  • S K
    S K

    Owls do the exact same thing.

  • Dominasian


  • Official Risk King Jeremie 👈
    Official Risk King Jeremie 👈


  • Thomason Rockofelt
    Thomason Rockofelt

    Virgin Owl vs The Chad Glizzy Gladiator Snake

  • Badass Roblox Player
    Badass Roblox Player

    Man James asmr are up to mark

  • Mazhar Khaliq
    Mazhar Khaliq

    Mind blowing

  • banilla

    can confirm my snake eats like this

  • Jay sanchez
    Jay sanchez

    This needs to be a comarcial

  • Cam_the_panda7

    Owls eat like that as well

  • Mililililili

    Owl eat snakes

  • 37174 MONI KAILAS
    37174 MONI KAILAS

    Even though owls and snake never most of the times never come across each other and most likely they fight

  • Rook Animations yt
    Rook Animations yt

    James I have question why didn’t the owl just eat the snake after it took his lunch

  • Gremlin boi A.k.A. Dylan
    Gremlin boi A.k.A. Dylan

    You when you meet someone who eats the spaghetti like if they are snake

  • Stephen Barsotti
    Stephen Barsotti

    Make one about space of everyone talking in a rocket and he says I need some space then one guy says why and the guy says do it then the other guy says ok then he presses a button and he falls and you will see his body and his soul say that’s better

  • Stripe animation 𝕏𝔻
    Stripe animation 𝕏𝔻

    I have a snake as a pet it is like when I feed it it’s like stars at it and BOOm GOne Me: the owl and be like WTH XD FUNNY lol

    • Laila Plays DBD
      Laila Plays DBD


  • Insert Lazyness
    Insert Lazyness

    Why did the snake at the end after he said that's how I eat he looks like A Lapras

  • lilysarwani Eshan
    lilysarwani Eshan

    Zombie snake

  • Supernatural StrangeLove
    Supernatural StrangeLove

    the snake is meh whenever am eating at a "fancy table" and the owl is the "fancy peeps" UwU

  • Wafflebreakfast

    ummmm so do owls

  • Reptile City
    Reptile City

    This is my friend when they ask for a bit of my food

  • sujay

    This @SaimanSays also eats his meal

  • tod zsnake
    tod zsnake

    I see your current relationship is going well

  • Lachlan 7.1
    Lachlan 7.1

    and owls also eat snakes so...

  • Iliana Olivares
    Iliana Olivares

    Wow that shit was so funny 💀

  • Ecoryzer

    This is amazing

  • lala UwU
    lala UwU

    Yo aquí viendo este vídeo sin entender nada jaja

  • AlpiePEAKS

    And then the owl eats the snake

  • Malitza L
    Malitza L

    Weird how they sound the same...

  • RainbowOwl2012

    e p i c. My kind (of the normal type) must have a comeback and destroy the snake.


    Isn’t that how owls eat too?

  • Kimberly Byrd
    Kimberly Byrd

    What me have to see every week while feeding my snek lol

  • Kimberly Byrd
    Kimberly Byrd


  • Milk Fish1
    Milk Fish1

    Not a furry Proceeds to draw vore

  • Carter Drye
    Carter Drye

    No one : me that owl is sans

  • Penny Meredith
    Penny Meredith

    Cool snake

  • Moo

    That owl is illegal

  • Lartor Games
    Lartor Games

    Can’t the owl just eat up the snake?

  • SomerandomPorkchop

    i refuse to believe the shorts is what lead me to discover the odd1'sout

  • TRIX Z
    TRIX Z

    It’s funny because owls eat the same way

  • Jeff Ramsey
    Jeff Ramsey

    Snake: can I have some? Owl: ok, but only a spoonful. Snake: takes out his ultra 4K d electry magnified spectrumionic giga super mega spoon

    • yo_dog gaming
      yo_dog gaming


  • Stealth Boy
    Stealth Boy

    I was waiting for the owl to eat snake

  • Ian Eguer
    Ian Eguer

    Re turbio che

  • VortexXShocks

    plot twist:the owl gave the snake the rat so the owl can have a bigger meal

  • Ernesto Fernandez
    Ernesto Fernandez

    Owls also eat their prey whole lol

  • rejane salgueiro
    rejane salgueiro

    I like to think that at first he was scared but then he got mad because the snake ate his entire mouse.

  • RandomDude

    Owl:We Eat Snakes Sometimes :)

  • Little Old Tram 07 Studios
    Little Old Tram 07 Studios

    Reminded me of a fable of some kind

  • Nick Lee
    Nick Lee

    Oooooh I don't know what to say about this

  • nuggy

    A snake it's it whole then throws up the bones

  • Name

    The snake is my little brother

  • justcallme zeb
    justcallme zeb

    But owls eat mice whole too right?

  • magik

    me when I ask my dad for a bite:

  • J.Ludlow

    As a snake owner this is factual

  • Pancake Cake
    Pancake Cake

    this is your least viewed video… just know that

  • Creepy Spino
    Creepy Spino


  • MrNightmarec

    Bruh he ate the whole mouse

  • YT Smore
    YT Smore

    I have a snake and I can confirm this is %100 Accurate

  • Uchiha Nanashi
    Uchiha Nanashi

    then the owl ate the snake

  • Speedy

    Owls eat snakes.

  • Tooth

    counter eat the snake.

  • Tobilike bacon
    Tobilike bacon

    Owls also eat Mice whole

  • S

    And hence another food chain unfolded. Moral:don't make a wild brown owl with incredible vision and huge claws angry.If you "snake" on him you boutta be scratched and gulped

  • wth is my pfp
    wth is my pfp

    wait but- owls eat snakes

  • Painter Guy
    Painter Guy

    The snake's corpse was later found near the river with talon marks and feathers jammed in its eye sockets. The forest police deemed the case as suicide.

  • Mickeythecake


  • Shranik Dua
    Shranik Dua

    Owl awake in morning?

  • XD

  • Kevin Gómez
    Kevin Gómez

    Ff: Some owls eat snakes xd

  • POG

    Just look at the snake eat

  • JustARandomWoof

    Everyone wants to steal your cheese

  • ZesT

    only a spoonful

  • Marcus Gaglio
    Marcus Gaglio

    Snake: odds1out Rat: bagel bite


    Owls eat snakes don’t they?

  • Beans Life
    Beans Life

    Owls eat some snakes.

  • it's mya yt
    it's mya yt


  • Mr Jojo
    Mr Jojo

    James still calling out his girlfriend

  • Tsuki no Otaku
    Tsuki no Otaku

    Owl acts all disgusted but it lt literally does the same thing to eat.... All birds do

  • Mushroom Gacha
    Mushroom Gacha

    Basically my ex at lunch stealing *my* food

  • Jake Muhia
    Jake Muhia

    In reality the owl would’ve ended up eating the snake in retaliation lol

  • Kewal N
    Kewal N


  • exify

    Fun fact: this is currently james’s least viewed vid

  • Darragh Tighe
    Darragh Tighe

    Younger siblings when you say they can have a bite:

  • Anything Playz
    Anything Playz

    So that's why owls eat snakes

  • Coffie Catamations
    Coffie Catamations

    And next thing u know The boop noodle Has just become a noodle For the owl

  • DramaA tik
    DramaA tik

    0:11 Top 10 anime eating scenes

  • Rusty Dalek
    Rusty Dalek

    The owl afterwards: "so,you have chosen death?"

    • Rusty Dalek
      Rusty Dalek

      Oh and yes,owl and hawks usually eat snakes sometimes,it's just a common meal they sometimes have,it's completely normal

  • Fier The Fool
    Fier The Fool

    To bad the owl is going to eat the snake now


    Did you know the secretary bird will clap snakes literally they will bash the snakes skull in

  • Sthenelos

    To be fair that is also how an owl eats

  • Sokka and Cactus juice
    Sokka and Cactus juice

    my dad when I get fries:

  • Eli Nors
    Eli Nors

    Like owls don't basically do the same thing.