Dissecting a frog is heartbreaking

  • Moist Man
    Moist Man

    Litteraly have never done it and passed i dont get it

  • AJ M
    AJ M

    never dissected a frog before in school

  • Tayshaun Emerson
    Tayshaun Emerson

    I remember we had an assignment to dissect a frog freshman year of high school, my partner took over and just made of mess of it lowkey. I just sat there and watched like 😐

  • Mara Lucy
    Mara Lucy

    ive watched this like twenty times this animation deserves it all

  • ClumsyRiver

    nah cause I think I dissected an owl pellet or something like this in 2nd grade

  • Joselle Anne Gayanes
    Joselle Anne Gayanes

    This is true

  • dark

    Hank when tricky tries to kill him be like

  • LolaLotta

    I have to dissect a fetal pig at the end of this year. Thrilled

  • ShiniDekuran

    Jake: 😐

  • Gavin Richards
    Gavin Richards

    Not me though ._.

  • Music_Illusion071

    I always hated dissection since 3rd grade. We had to dissect so much owl pellets and this one kid was throwing it around.

  • not Hadsy
    not Hadsy

    Ft. Tommyinit in this vidoes because he was animated with you right?

  • izzy

    We had to dissect cats... I'll never be the same

  • Human the human
    Human the human

    No offense but that voice crack tho

  • Goblin King Of Potatoes
    Goblin King Of Potatoes

    Me, who had been looking forward to frog dissection since 2nd grade: hmm yes, good idea

  • caramels シ
    caramels シ

    I’m in 8th grade and I haven’t done any frogs, pigs, etc yet, but back in 6th grade we had to dissect a fish, and the boys in my group where poking the eye out. The best part? Science period was right before lunch. I didn’t eat that day.

  • datone weeb
    datone weeb

    Your right I do lol some people hate it but it's fun

  • Medox Zero
    Medox Zero

    Thanks god for our poor schools in the middle East there was no such thing like that at least in my school 😂

  • Zlatomir Rutic
    Zlatomir Rutic


  • Lasse Bluten
    Lasse Bluten

    Wait... this is real and not some movie cliche? Damn USA be crazy

  • memer69 meme
    memer69 meme

    End: Bleehh

  • Mr squidsy
    Mr squidsy

    So creepy😭😭poor frog

  • Lapis_:3

    Actually…..I did like it and now I wanna be a surgeon

  • 钟离 先生
    钟离 先生

    I want to know why y'all schools be like "hey take this frog and cut it" then think that's useful for children

  • sokunseyhakmongkol pheak
    sokunseyhakmongkol pheak

    Science students seeing a frog : peace was never an option

  • Hatted Shadow
    Hatted Shadow

    Not me! I never did it!

  • Monika

    My sis hade to do an octopus, and the ink went everywhere.

  • itsa me Personio
    itsa me Personio

    I did this in middleschool, eighth grade was a time to be alive, the frog kept opening its mouth and it moved its organs, it was hilarious to me and my crew

  • Jeremy LeMaster
    Jeremy LeMaster

    Dissected a frog in sixth grade. Later dissected a squid, crawfish and rat in 9th grade Biology. Then dissected a goat brain, cow eye, adult pig heart and a fetal pig (we named it Hamlet) in a Physiology/Anatomy class my senior year of high school.

  • Nobaqui

    We cut open sheep hearts and sheep lungs in Australia Also eyes and stuff but I did those one

  • • Pixie-Pop •
    • Pixie-Pop •

    You think dissecting frogs is bad? We dissected cats in 7th grade.

  • Taylor Toca
    Taylor Toca

    Wait ur gf can put it in the fridge with the snake

  • Jeweled Space93  🎗️TechnoSupport🎗
    Jeweled Space93 🎗️TechnoSupport🎗

    Today I learned how to spell dissection

  • AJayMaxi82

    I did this to a fish in Grade 6, one of the girls in my class fainted because of it

  • AShadedVoid

    That voice crack is just ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎

  • Julián Jagush
    Julián Jagush

    I don’t know why, maybe just morbid and scientific curiosity, but I always wanted to do one of these and my school never made us do one. We did dissect a pig’s eye one time though.

  • Hi

    No, you know who would LOVE this??? 4th graders that are terrified of blood and guts and their favorite animals are frogs and had to sit in the library crying bc they were so scared and grossed out and felt like they were going to pass out!! (Ps that was me)

  • Goth Nerd
    Goth Nerd

    You guys all got to dissect cool things, my school just had sheep hearts

  • Lynn Phrog
    Lynn Phrog

    *cries in frog*

  • Cadet Nightmare
    Cadet Nightmare

    It’s funny that this was something an old dude thought out before introducing it to school systems and then schools using it

  • iffi

    me bawling the day before dissection in 4th grade

  • Leonardo Rovinazzi
    Leonardo Rovinazzi

    NICE 6.9K

  • Emma Johnson
    Emma Johnson

    *cackles in homeschool*

  • Raine Frokost
    Raine Frokost

    In middle school nobody dissected frogs. Sevies did nothing, grade 8s did fetal pigs and cow eyes, and grade 9s did fetal sharks and sheep eyes.

  • OldeOne deS
    OldeOne deS

    High school? We did that in grade school.

  • Blad

    I did this in elementary school…ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

  • Ciara Balmes
    Ciara Balmes

    Apparently it's weird to like dissections

  • •CharaPlayz•

    I’ve never had to dissect a frog but, I did have to dissect a SQUID in ELEMENTARY. ;u;

  • Joshua Andrews
    Joshua Andrews

    I was going to do this in my lab class but we never got to because of a certain virus

  • gtx360TV


  • Creatorjessiechan

    EW NO

  • SonicExePro

    Schools be like:

  • 🎶FãžêPłåýż🎶

    James: Ya know who'd like this? Every single high schooler! Me: HOMESCHOOL HOMESCHOOL ME IMMEDIATELY

  • upset

    i adore frogs, they are the most beautiful creatures in the world and i know full well that schools didnt just find these little guys dead, they just straight up murdered them for highschoolers to look at and not even want to dissect them ok end if rant

  • Kennedy Robb
    Kennedy Robb

    I never had to dissect frogs in school, in any of my science classes. Kind of makes me glad.

  • Aizu Kureza
    Aizu Kureza

    This was cancelled bc of us.we let out all the frogs while in recess and everyone was like staring at it and doing nothing except for the teachers they were panicking .the best part I didn't got trouble and my friends did

  • Glytch zX
    Glytch zX


  • AnToN GaMe
    AnToN GaMe


  • MyNamesNooob

    His voice crack was louder than the thunder

  • X_x_Gacha_Pie_x_X

    In elementary school we did owl pellets and a sheep’s heart My 3rd grade self thought it was pretty fun to rip apart something an animal vomited up to look for skeletons

  • Rex

    Not me appearently

  • banilla

    bruh the room smelled like rotting frog guts for like a week it was so bad

  • Ana Etcheverry
    Ana Etcheverry

    Nah I did this in 4rth with my bare hands

  • Yash Singh
    Yash Singh

    I looked forward to dissections. I mean the animals were humanely killed so I didn’t have any qualms with dissecting them.

  • The White Dice
    The White Dice

    Bruh i have to do this this year

  • one


  • Drippy bxlmains
    Drippy bxlmains

    Gordan ramasay be like :

  • Fod-der

    Bro not even high schoolers we did this in 7th grade

  • Lean Jallad
    Lean Jallad

    In middle school, my class dissected both a frog and a baby pig And I broke the scalpel and it flew across the room. Don’t know how nobody died

  • Joe Perez
    Joe Perez


  • Kelly Smith
    Kelly Smith

    🤣 can't stop laughing

  • Red Eye
    Red Eye

    And he was right.

  • OGtron

    I'm still waiting

  • Cam_the_panda7

    Someone ripped off half of the pig’s face to get to the brain in middle school

  • Funj Plays
    Funj Plays

    Me over here not having to do it cause I had online school in 7th grade cause of Corona. 😎

  • EthelredFlametail


  • flipy

    Why not dissect a fish and then cook it for lunch? Thats we did?

  • Sarita Gupta
    Sarita Gupta

    Literally every school:

  • SZzaxX

    I never got to do this :(

  • Gracie Weiland
    Gracie Weiland


  • drK1ra

    In my country the most high schools dont even have this class (i forgot how its called in English srry)

  • LordMuffinToken

    We dont disect things here and im fine with it

  • fumikage Tokoyami
    fumikage Tokoyami

    "YA KNOW WHO'D LIKE THIS" me:... idk, frankenstein?

  • KK - 04KP 866578 Fernforest PS
    KK - 04KP 866578 Fernforest PS

    Notice how you could still tell it was dead when the lights weren’t on

  • Piano Place
    Piano Place

    I actually did this in 8th grade

  • ew u
    ew u

    I don't trust no one who enjoys it EVEN a bit

  • Mr Bee-Zee
    Mr Bee-Zee

    Hop Pop: I don't feel safe I don't know if anyone will get that

  • Mohamed AS
    Mohamed AS

    For us it was a pig

  • Dog Dog
    Dog Dog

    In eighth grade i got to dissect a pigs heart..

  • G U N D A M T A N A K A
    G U N D A M T A N A K A

    Doing that shit was fun tho

  • Somewhat Smart
    Somewhat Smart

    I'm in 8th, but I do be enjoying it

  • Jordan Webster
    Jordan Webster

    I got to dissect a heart

  • Victoria Claiborne
    Victoria Claiborne

    Who killed Kermit

  • Artsy Emaru
    Artsy Emaru

    I was actually supposed to do this in middle school 7th grade, but I missed that day of school (not on purpose)

  • WinterBonnu

    Lol really.



  • Captain Levi
    Captain Levi

    Animation top tier

  • ImNot2Sur3

    This is bull shit. Everything you saw on your channel is clickbait

  • A1d!ap

    This is true

  • why tho?
    why tho?

    i'm homeschooled and i can say for a fact that the best part of not going to regular school is not having to dissect a literal animal corpse

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