Junk Food
Are you an MMMM Candy bar, because you're so sweet 💖💖💖
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  • MeloⁿSk¡

    Why did the m&ms worker say calling someone silly names is negative when they made a commercial basically showing cannibalism

  • Melissa Yarwood
    Melissa Yarwood

    James's I like mms

    • Melissa Yarwood
      Melissa Yarwood

      James I like mms guy not bar future James's yes it is hahahahahahahahaha

  • Family Art
    Family Art

    Ohhh my god XD I got an add with 'Worried about your Diet?' as the first sentence XD

  • little evero games
    little evero games

    All I eat is sugar Pretty much

  • Mimi Esparza
    Mimi Esparza

    Eating crab right now 2021 and is from healthy I mean like a whole crab and I’m seeing all the clause and I even have crab monster trucks

  • Ezequiel Aguilar
    Ezequiel Aguilar

    MmM you

  • Remi Garza
    Remi Garza

    Doesn't the car need water to drive? Just asking

  • Elizabeth_143


  • Malachy Byrne
    Malachy Byrne

    Ajahahhahhahahahhahahhahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahahahahahahah nice vid

    • Malachy Byrne
      Malachy Byrne


  • Lilly Bears
    Lilly Bears

    Quick Recap of today! I went to the grocery store. (to buy bread) I used promo code(Odd1) They said it was wrong. So told him " LeMmE sPeaK tO yOur mAnEgerrrrr"

  • jonah

    The darker the bread the sooner you live long

  • Zach woodside
    Zach woodside

    3:55 sultan sketches

  • Mirian Cespedes
    Mirian Cespedes


  • a_e

    "this looks ancient." "whAat? nO, it's only-" "1 YEAR OLD? i remember seeing this when it was 3 hours ago..."

  • King Castillo
    King Castillo


  • King Castillo
    King Castillo


  • yansonchen123


  • Ninoky yuii
    Ninoky yuii

    The mm had me dying 😂🤣

  • FOAM

    James: They're Just MMS, What do you think we're going to do with them?! Me as an intellectual: Watch the bonndocks People literally die for chocolate

  • Colm O'Cuinneain
    Colm O'Cuinneain

    The most sugary cereal my parents got were corn flakes

  • tigresse

    I always eat white bread

  • Vidya Chandrasekaran
    Vidya Chandrasekaran

    0:24 is a meme

  • Ming Je Hsieh
    Ming Je Hsieh


  • S3Konan

    I’m not poor James, I’m just black 😭

  • Monika

    After that add, ima go buy some carrots.

  • Darth Starkiller
    Darth Starkiller

    Starkiller -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starkiller -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Isabelle Patterson
    Isabelle Patterson

    When this was posted… We had no idea what we had comin

  • Sally Tran
    Sally Tran

    As I eat chips watching this

  • Ramadhan Benny
    Ramadhan Benny

    appreciate the aggressive *MMMH*

  • Grayzo105

    I live in Australia and I burn so easily but still go outside, once it was 47 degrees Celsius

  • Thuong Chung
    Thuong Chung

    The unadvised dill usually fail because lotion methodologically pop throughout a clean hose. vigorous, evanescent editorial

  • Mel the Sheep
    Mel the Sheep

    2:25 Coca-Cola actually contained coca leaves (what cocaine is made from) up until the 1930s. About 0.0001 grams of cocaine were in an ounce of Coca Cola syrup in 1904.

  • MrJason

    i love raw carrots i eat it

  • Myles Lee
    Myles Lee

    MMS are candy bar now

  • Connor D
    Connor D

    I literally don’t understand how people don’t like the crust of bread, it’s like the best part

  • Jerod Leininger
    Jerod Leininger

    wtf was that car scene omg!!! 7:09

  • Linbil

    this video was uploaded 10 minutes before Kobe Bryant died

  • tk patel
    tk patel

    You and mr.beast look like brothers are you?

  • julia

    james: you’ve only got one body, so you should take care of it. me, eating my second cinnamon bun of the day: 0_0

  • xv luke1526
    xv luke1526


  • Harryinnit

    Ha mm

  • feetpo

    I wasn't even aloud cereals

  • Wolfie

    3:48 so amazing lol Mm

  • Wolfie

    0:58 lol but it OK because I like the crust

  • Melyssa Fraser
    Melyssa Fraser

    Love uuuuu can I pls have a shout out? Love ur vids

  • Uriel Aguirre
    Uriel Aguirre

    I would have said you wouldn’t put soda on a flower and expect it to grow

  • Haven Anne
    Haven Anne

    1:38 to 1:41 the animation on James' face in this scene is my favourite part of the video 😂

    • Haven Anne
      Haven Anne

      @ammar zafran It's one of my favourite scenes out of all of his videos 😂👍🏻💕

    • ammar zafran
      ammar zafran


  • CarrotsAreDaBest!

    Happy to sponsor you!

  • NinjaArtPlays

    James that is a lot of sausages 2:10

  • Bubbly Charm
    Bubbly Charm

    For a while when I was a kid all I ate was vegtables because i hated everything else

  • Cam.

    Im actually good at eating healthy on my own and we at bread is bomb not the hot dog ones tho 😡

  • Summer I love your videos
    Summer I love your videos

    I was born in March

  • Robbie Choukeir
    Robbie Choukeir

    I’m still a kid and I eat sugary cereal

  • Youboyytim

    All the cereal characters like forcing that child to eat cereal😂

  • Jacob Cynova
    Jacob Cynova

    Was that pun at the end intentional

  • I Bruce Easily
    I Bruce Easily

    Thank you James

  • TheGeneral


  • imaginaryfrendz

    This is how I love broccoli

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    I like that I am eating junk food wall waching this

  • Yannist808 Idk
    Yannist808 Idk


  • sleepy youtuber
    sleepy youtuber

    1:38 James mouthing what the fu

  • Declan Hassan
    Declan Hassan

    Wait you were aloud peanut butter with PEANUTS 🥜 at school

  • Darkify5's

    Thank God I Read Your Book, So Darn Good!


    i am from brazil

  • technofox

    The first video i watch from odd1out


    bro if u live in the uk and NEVER ate coco pops then u have no life

  • GrananaPeel

    Pop not soda

    • Fruit Slicer
      Fruit Slicer


  • Caleb Varnadore
    Caleb Varnadore

    I am never gonna say m and ms again. All hail MMs.

  • Fluffy

    Entire M+M's section: MMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • Hayden Robert Arlozynski
    Hayden Robert Arlozynski

    0:51 - James Has The Benefit, & So Do I! Lunchables Are Cancerous. Spread The Word.

    • Hayden Robert Arlozynski
      Hayden Robert Arlozynski

      But I Do Love Chuck E Cheese's & Chocolate Cereals.

  • Colin •~•
    Colin •~•


  • xoofy


  • GainfulDawnX

    7:14 spider

  • citizenstoopid 4_4
    citizenstoopid 4_4

    "You only have one body, take care of it" As I'm sitting here eating a microwave pizza

  • Rachel Briscoe
    Rachel Briscoe

    One time I ate an entire pound of gummy bears at once, and I threw up

  • Itz Flexx
    Itz Flexx


  • Jahya Neuhaus
    Jahya Neuhaus

    I love te m👍

  • Alejandro Y Jairo
    Alejandro Y Jairo

    3:47 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Noah Goodin
    Noah Goodin

    My mom is the exact same

  • TheRedNinja

    I am literally eating some carrots while your taking about them lol 😂

  • Kimberly Beal
    Kimberly Beal

    Pov:your mom see this]mom open up

  • CornBeef Productions
    CornBeef Productions

    Fun Fact: I have watched this 26 times

  • Richa Goyal
    Richa Goyal

    is it just me or is there anyone else who can notice the image on the bread package in 1:54.

  • firts lynx
    firts lynx

    sponsor with produce ✖️ sponsor with carrots (yes)

  • firts lynx
    firts lynx

    i think eating junk food Will make fat Hot dog is the best food

  • Madhava Pillar
    Madhava Pillar

    ):( :a!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • freeze bot e a
    freeze bot e a


  • Genesis

    ¿Does anyone notice that the bread has a face in the minute 1:54?

  • Mateo Rosales
    Mateo Rosales

    The face at 1:39

  • ThisIsGabriel

    The whiter the bread the sooner your dead -TheOdd1sOut

  • Kaitlin Rosson
    Kaitlin Rosson

    do you know who let me explain studios is

  • Obby Obliterator
    Obby Obliterator

    I love honey nut cheerios.

  • soybenjaminalbert

    Look at the left In 4:15

  • Bryan Segars
    Bryan Segars

    my parents dont even let us get honey nut cheerios :(

  • KimMira

    "So you should take carrot it" would've been a kinda lame yet good pun

  • Sharman Soldier
    Sharman Soldier

    MM’s candy lol

  • Spacedinvader -9
    Spacedinvader -9

    Dont give my dad funny ideas


    who does not love a good carrot once in a while

  • Banana boy official
    Banana boy official


    • Banana boy official
      Banana boy official

      @Khatta Bakra no

    • Khatta Bakra
      Khatta Bakra

      Banana do you like carrots

  • Terence李裕蕎

    I threw up two times in my lfe