Here are some activities done regularly in my leisure time for pleasure.
Thanks for 10 million!

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  • Lehi Cook
    Lehi Cook

    2:03 james: casually enjoying boy scouts slenderman: i'm about to end this mans whole career

  • Sarah Wilkerson
    Sarah Wilkerson

    “Drums are easy!” People who play percussion: People who play percussion in *marching band*:

  • Mary Pratt
    Mary Pratt

    Hi it’s been 2 years

  • Selena’s and Chewy’s silly Show
    Selena’s and Chewy’s silly Show

    7:13 Chewy’s mine!

  • Esperanza Bracamontes
    Esperanza Bracamontes

    Tomorrow I'm getting ur 2 books at 10pm from amazon

  • GalaxyGamer62

    i think snoopy might be better

  • SkunkPlayz Online
    SkunkPlayz Online

    i care about soccer

  • klaabu13

    James i play the violin

  • marybadlands

    wow: exists chess: look what they need to mimic a fraction of our power.


    i am good at 2 type of martial arts: karate and tikuando

  • LIT K
    LIT K

    Lol I was 2 at 2015

  • Aux man Gaming
    Aux man Gaming

    to now i wish i chose flute or clarinet instead but i dont have a choice anymore lol. been a year so i can not quit now

  • claudio gomes
    claudio gomes

    I live in Brazil and the Aikido I know is a lot different. I had a teacher that did Aikido and had to stop because one time his sensei broke one of his ribs with a punch. So idk about this "don't hurt the attacker" thing.

  • Elijah Backflip
    Elijah Backflip

    James: I tried ballet Me: dang boy has braver than me I have the clothes

  • Frederikke Kriens
    Frederikke Kriens

    I have done taekwondo for three years and i have played the tuba for six years😁

  • Elizabeth Ence
    Elizabeth Ence

    i hav hobeis

  • Muskan ahuja
    Muskan ahuja

    it's football ⚽️

  • xv luke1526
    xv luke1526

    I love your channel

  • CamoCat64

    hes coming out jk aaaaaaaaaa


    james lets the ritual continue even when we all get old

  • APPL3Z


  • Faze kims
    Faze kims

    you helped me to know how to balance myself with playing games thks

  • Aarti Singh
    Aarti Singh

    means you also gonna force your children to learn , i appreciate that yo!

  • Yamoun J
    Yamoun J

    I used to be in martial arts I got my black belt!

  • Dr. Doggo
    Dr. Doggo

    The drums are actually called practice pads, and are a lot more quit, but drum set is way better

  • Rayco Neii
    Rayco Neii

    4:36 thats not how you play the fluuuuteeeeeee its to the frickin siddee

  • Jonp G
    Jonp G

    James: Kids would rather watch any other video on ISdowns than play the violin Me: Guilty as charged

  • Richie Mouritsen
    Richie Mouritsen

    fyi "free time" is TWO words, not ONE

  • LittleTea

    no KEKW

  • Cosmic Griffin
    Cosmic Griffin

    They say akido is the most useless martial arts

  • Porsche 911
    Porsche 911

    5:28 *music starts* me: OH BOI

  • Leontios Charalambous
    Leontios Charalambous

    Everyone else:I was forced to play sports Me meanwhile:I have been annoying the hell out of my parents for 4 years to be put in soccer for 2 years and then them stopping me without my will

  • Louise Carr
    Louise Carr

    My parents signed me up for tennis because my brother was too much of a scardy cat

  • power girl
    power girl

    James:aikido is a... Me: the most boring place ever? James:a special form of martial arts Me:ITS SUPPOSED TO BE THE MOST BORING PLACE IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!

  • Tiedefeder

    the only easy drum songs are where the drummer is laying the tempo and cant do any thing actually difficult. drum solos have more to them than only 2 notes

  • DracoShinobi

    Naruto James vs me pft James u can't win

  • ODT Legion
    ODT Legion

    you used my name spelled wrong for your soccer friend, mines spelled micah, its a very uncommon name so this was amazing

  • Kathy Henry
    Kathy Henry

    Dude I took percussion and we all were terrible and unruly haha

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha

    Why does he sound like that bucket hat dude from bleach

  • Rated

    If you ever attempt to attack me or my clan ever again, I will be forced to use 10% of my power and break your spin in half.

  • Maddie Wood
    Maddie Wood


  • woody

    00:31 you bad cooker

  • Friend of Onizuka
    Friend of Onizuka

    "I am 22 and my life is practically over" This hits differently

    • Just some guy looking at sky
      Just some guy looking at sky

      Especially when you yourself are 22 and you realise that your childhood is over and you wasted your entire school life sitting at the corner of the third last bench in class so that no one notices you and never took part in extra co curricular activities were average in studies and don't even know whether you will be able to atleast earn when you are out of college or pay debt

  • Booster

    8:02 my Boston terrier was sitting beside me, HOW DARE YOU!

  • Hinyu Chan
    Hinyu Chan


  • LoYodea

    I like that every once in a while there are some beautifully drawn hands with fingers and all

  • Puluga

    I just go to school to fall asleep and get in trouble for no reason

  • hanasofea hasnol
    hanasofea hasnol

    hi boys

  • Foxy

    what do you use to make these comics

  • Random Animation
    Random Animation

    0:45 at a young age you don't realize you have a choice. My mom, “ you don’t have a choice”

  • Cosmokitty༻༘༙༌ྀ࿐

    I play the drum set (I am in class and my class is like those musical special class and the drums are super special because the rest of my class are all like you know the blowing Instruments but only the drums are like you know heh heh)

  • Javari Bunce
    Javari Bunce


  • 𝖸𝗈𝗎’𝗋 𝖲𝗈𝗎𝗅
    𝖸𝗈𝗎’𝗋 𝖲𝗈𝗎𝗅

    My hobby is drawing figures

  • Nightmare's Journey
    Nightmare's Journey

    My mom doesn’t face me to do anything and I steel love to go to my riding school and ride horses this is my 5th year and am in a show

  • Rachael Wynn
    Rachael Wynn

    Yes I agree

  • Hải LG
    Hải LG

    7:29 😏

  • Brokk Logan
    Brokk Logan

    2:03 slender man

  • nia nivon
    nia nivon

    does anyone remember when he had 3 million subs and we thought that was a lot?

    • Izapops The popsicle
      Izapops The popsicle


  • Maki Kazumi
    Maki Kazumi

    Take a walk* me in the pandemic yeah sure

  • Golden

    person named micah here: i play soccer a lot, i can confirm, *i was forced*

  • welcome birbs
    welcome birbs

    I play brass

  • Amanda Huff
    Amanda Huff

    Is the Micah my best friend because I have a best friend that is blond haired named Micah and more micah

  • ConorAaronGaming YT
    ConorAaronGaming YT

    Bruh I used to do judo and it’s like aikido

  • The devils gacha
    The devils gacha



    The lines at 4:57 in Piano is a tie, meaning you hold the note until the other one and not press the other one.

  • Cringe kid
    Cringe kid

    I did karate just like that

  • Evey snow
    Evey snow

    Why thank you I want my crispy dollar 🥴🥺

  • Ryan L
    Ryan L

    HOW DID YOU KNOW HOW OLD I -Luca he did not try to guess

  • tuanhai nguyen
    tuanhai nguyen

    NO MY DOG IS THE BEST🐶🐕🦮🐩🐕‍🦺🐾🦴

  • dirtyd57ada

    same same same BIG BOI SAME

  • Vaishnav Sumesh
    Vaishnav Sumesh

    for me some times we have to sit in our knees for 10min for karate

  • Vaishnav Sumesh
    Vaishnav Sumesh


  • Josh meneside VCR videos
    Josh meneside VCR videos

    Honest youtuber

  • Tomy Lightning
    Tomy Lightning

    I trained judo


    Best video

  • ElectroForce

    POV: you want to be a youtuber

  • ๖ۣۜRyan Geo
    ๖ۣۜRyan Geo

    i am from the future

  • SolarArtz

    Aikido is boring cause i played it

  • Bunny 🐰
    Bunny 🐰

    when you willingly take drum lessons :

  • The Shorts Show
    The Shorts Show

    I made daniel samba the second thing

  • Julia Hodge
    Julia Hodge

    Got hit in face with basket ball once

  • Alvin Paez
    Alvin Paez

    Me to 0:37

  • Hunter Manning
    Hunter Manning

    I can understand that parents should force their kids into hobbies it helped me discover more hobbies that are in my interest

  • Teekz


  • Sheri Wagner
    Sheri Wagner

    im mihca

  • declan stewart
    declan stewart

    Im a Purple-stripe in Aikido

  • Abdash Ubdoosh
    Abdash Ubdoosh

    Get this comment to 10000 likes

  • Kassie Agreste
    Kassie Agreste

    My mom never did and now im kinda curious

  • shicx

    so um no ones gonna talk about the itachi reference?

  • iWood

    kids at american dont play football or any sports at their school??

    • `ღ ́-GOLD ROsE PRODUcTIONs `ღ ́-
      `ღ ́-GOLD ROsE PRODUcTIONs `ღ ́-

      Yeah but you have to sign up first they don't force you so what he is saying is that the parents force the kids, however psychical activity is mandatory in some states so they still have to forcefully workout

  • Amy Lashley
    Amy Lashley

    The tricky kilometer electronically sprout because quart statistically confess unlike a sparkling warm. jazzy, well-off state

  • Officaly Aisha
    Officaly Aisha


  • Enderman

    ISdowns is the best, if youtube wasnt real, i have no life

  • Tanqr fan
    Tanqr fan

    My hobby is playing games and soccer when I’m done in soccer i play roblox in my room

  • Ethan Jordan
    Ethan Jordan


  • Gulalai Afridi
    Gulalai Afridi

    3:14 he’s has a Naruto headband!I love Naruto and ur vids

  • DabbinSquidie

    Enter gun


    wAiT! thats the club penguin sensei.

  • Michael Joe
    Michael Joe

    Bro, did you just spell Micah wrong?? (Why does everyone do that???)

    • Aria Fattahi
      Aria Fattahi

      I don't because I play rdr2