Christmas Carols
It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas

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  • Timothy William Amarille
    Timothy William Amarille

    this video is funny ⬆ by the way Santa real named Saint Nicholas Saint Nicholas day is celebrated on November 6 a Cattolica hoiliday but no even celebrated it today and before Covid -19 sickness started

  • Chris Paul Tamio
    Chris Paul Tamio

    (I know this is old buuuuut)Fun fact: the Philippines attually celebrate 5-6 months of christmas bc se put up christmas trees and start putting christmas songs on shops and then arpund late november you will start withnessing charols until December 25 then we take down our christmas tree when its early january bc we are lazy

  • Troy

    Taylor swift? Last Christmas? Wham! Not taylor

  • epicgamerboy 1827
    epicgamerboy 1827

    wow you awys close your closet

  • Adam the Gam3r
    Adam the Gam3r

    3:27 *ah yes i remember this song*

  • The memer
    The memer

    People think that the rock version of “carol of the bells” cause if you look at the original song you can understand why it’s considered Christmas music

  • Breyden


  • Breyden


  • The Awsome Channel With Dexter
    The Awsome Channel With Dexter

    This video was on my birthday!

  • Delta the Hybrid
    Delta the Hybrid

    Don't forget I saw mommy kissing Santa

  • Mechanical Fox
    Mechanical Fox

    christmas poo

  • ifinnishboy

    Carol of the bells is a god tier song and easily the best christmas song ever

  • Rachel's World of Fun
    Rachel's World of Fun

    I love how he said all I want for Christmas all Is “YoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOooOoOoUuuUuUUuUuUuUuUuUuUuuUuUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 😂😂😂😂😂🥲

  • eric Dudley
    eric Dudley

    If you really listen to the song maybe it's cold outside you know that he got the lady drunk so he could seduce her

  • MickeyMouseProductions

    0:54 Santa Baby (Feat. Alvin and the Thiccmunks)

  • Anon

    James silent night was the lullaby Mary sang to jesus.

  • Lxna

    Guess what my brother is like the grinch and he HATES Christmas songs like how just how!

    • Blazer boi
      Blazer boi

      Ha lol

  • SoggyBanana

    Im an atheist and i dont rlly get the joke at the intro, i dont hate Christmas lol

  • • f r e n c h t o a s t •
    • f r e n c h t o a s t •


  • Efolo CukcaN
    Efolo CukcaN

    The cooperative sock repressingly tickle because moustache principally end as a satisfying vulture. godly, well-made servant

  • Mangoflame

    i wheezed at 2:58

  • DJ game doodles
    DJ game doodles

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) sus 。 • ゚。 . . . 。 。. . 。 ඞ 。 . • • the odd ones out is not the Imposter on Christmas •.

  • Mashhud Shah
    Mashhud Shah

    If you want to be terrified read more SANTA AND SATAN DO HAVE A CONNECTION There is a deep and dark history behind the origin of christmas Like way before you don't need to worry about it Ok you do actually because for some reason the origin is connected to kidnapping so in some places people get kidnapped on christmas

  • The aviation Content
    The aviation Content

    This was a awesome vid

  • Declan Mullen
    Declan Mullen

    1:42 soooo last Christmas was written in 1985 aaaaannd Taylor Swift was born in 1989... It was written by Wham! wham is the name of the band.

  • Syreene Matilda
    Syreene Matilda

    It is funny because when it’s Christmas my mum always puts Micheal Buble

  • Liamjo246

    There's a other Christmas song on annoying orange

  • sjgiffard

    Parson brown: hey are you married? *licks his lips* Me: eww creepy Turns into a human Me: hello there

  • Thortron247

    I can’t stand “grandma got run over by a reindeer”

  • Nending Yater
    Nending Yater

    Why do you always say were you,'r seatdelt

  • Last Christmas I gave you my heart the very next day you gave it away this year to save me from tears I'll give it to someone special.

  • Fluffy Kitten
    Fluffy Kitten


  • M & Artroom
    M & Artroom

    I… why did I never realize Santa was the anagram for Satan oh NOO

  • Johannah Shai Cahn
    Johannah Shai Cahn

    im jewish

  • chika rocks
    chika rocks

    4:03 why is the reindeer s leg not coloured?

  • MadzoAngry

    man never knew james could be a good singer

  • Nolan Pommer
    Nolan Pommer

    I have a theory about the Santa and Satan thing. Santa came from St. Nicholas and in Germany there is a creature called the Krampus and it is a beast that is kinda like Satan. And goes around with St. Nicholas for the bad kids. Thanks to my German teacher I know that.

  • Dan Meelarp
    Dan Meelarp

    James:.. its one of the few things that brings a smile to my face Me: you have 17.1 million subscribers does that not make ya smile?

  • rafa saenz
    rafa saenz

    0:34 actually Santa is Spanish for holy like Santa Cruz

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom

    2:55 I had my captions on... (Turn them on to see what I mean)

  • im waterfighter
    im waterfighter

    grandmaw got ran over by a raindeer 2:27

  • SIMONanimated

    This 2021 I love singing last Xmas and all I want for Xmas

  • Deniz Bettaieb
    Deniz Bettaieb


  • Dank

    Will you join the legion?

  • Michael Vangelista
    Michael Vangelista

    Last Christmas was original sang by Wham!

  • Arka Faisal
    Arka Faisal

    "Grandma got ran over by a reindeer" Oh god no

  • mathguy37

    2:02 last 6/9 4:20 AM XX21 I gave you my heart

  • Xiao edits
    Xiao edits

    She was 12 when she gave birth

  • Kaeleb Chaiz TAN
    Kaeleb Chaiz TAN

    Bruh you posted this video in my birthday i was botn in dec 23 2012

  • Goddess -UwU-
    Goddess -UwU-

    Wait, what a where is the song "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas"

  • whitemage34

    I like the songs from "A Year Without Santa"

  • Sebastian Wendell
    Sebastian Wendell

    YOU FORGOT THE GRINCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Simply Skyler
    Simply Skyler

    I mean I would like a grandma got run over by a reindeer movie... is that bad

  • JakSir


  • Rizza Aguillon
    Rizza Aguillon

    What i hate about EVERY YEAR of my existance, there will always be a STORM at december, it sucks. It really does.

  • 3oktober2000

    funny story, silent night was actually writen in Salzburg (Austria) in a small village, and there's a movie about it called "silent night", which tells a theorie why the song was writen

  • Mitsuba the Cutie
    Mitsuba the Cutie

    “What are you gonna do about it atheists!?” ... You're lucky I love your videos ☺

  • mason mcintosh
    mason mcintosh

    Halloween is great!!!!(no offense)

  • sammyboi12

    does anyone know if he is a Christian?

  • 👻midnightglow🎃

    OMG GRANDMA GO RANOVER BY A REINDEER best part:grandpa drank eggnogg

  • Dr. Doggo
    Dr. Doggo

    The cc on yooooooouuuuuuu lol it takes up half the screen

  • Poké Show
    Poké Show

    I’m making a movie about grandma got ran over by a rain deer 🦌

  • Christina Perez
    Christina Perez

    Hay you forgot Dominic the donkey

  • andrea dawson
    andrea dawson

    Dislike this comment if you think santa is real and like this comment if you think Santa is fake

  • nAmE

    We start Christmas in September 1 in Philippines 🇵🇭 😊

  • Maricella Deleon
    Maricella Deleon

    BRUH my b-day is December 26

  • daniel c seifert
    daniel c seifert

    Santa = Satan

  • ella

    Dominic the Italian Christmas Donkey... listen to it pls... :]

  • Annalise Barrett
    Annalise Barrett

    i had closed captions on from another video and decided not to turn them off. I didn't regret it for a second

  • 6A 21 Prajit Chakraborty
    6A 21 Prajit Chakraborty

  • Michael Antonelli
    Michael Antonelli

    There are actually 3 types of Christmas songs: love songs with a wintery theme, worship Christmas songs, and then Santa songs or songs that are about magical things.

  • Summer LaRose
    Summer LaRose

    I was working in the lab, late one night When my eyes beheld an eerie sight For my monster from his slab, began to rise And suddenly to my surprise He did the mash, he did the monster mash The monster mash, it was a graveyard smash He did the mash, it caught on in a flash He did the mash, he did the monster mash

  • TheCreator

    How come there is no Hollowen music and o thank giving music

  • Carol Wang
    Carol Wang

    … why

  • Sophia OSheaf
    Sophia OSheaf

    baby its cold outside would need an entire video based on how rapey it is...

  • Freddy Fazbear plushie
    Freddy Fazbear plushie

    Have you heard of eddsworld

  • Calum Hughes
    Calum Hughes

    I’m atheist……… I still celebrate Christmas not bc of what it represents to Christians etc I just celebrate family open presents and still have Christmas dinner…. So that opening was… weird

  • Valeria jackskeleton
    Valeria jackskeleton

    Ok frosty the snow man lol

  • dogggsss

    Christmas Carol's are one of the only thing that bring me joy in this life Honey, you got a big storm coming

  • JK Dudette
    JK Dudette

    I missed singing Christmas carols last year because of covid

  • Victor Stuffs
    Victor Stuffs

    2:54 yes(watch with caps on)

  • LUKE who's talking TV
    LUKE who's talking TV

    my mom maiks my lief not fun

  • Fanspert

    Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer

  • Little tigers Storytime!
    Little tigers Storytime!

    *Subtitles exploding on the screen whenever he says "YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUU"*

  • Freez1ng Glasses
    Freez1ng Glasses


  • castelldecastells

    Lyssy omg

  • Justice Kimberly
    Justice Kimberly

    U know, Santa is short for Santa Claus which is short for Saint Nicolas? (not satan)

  • Denise D’Souza Boucher
    Denise D’Souza Boucher

    So my family has been playing the Boney M Christmas album for like… forever. Idk how much longer I can listen to Mary’s boy child anymore 😩

  • synchronized churro ensemble
    synchronized churro ensemble

    _"Ok yes, I agree it's annoying when radio stations play christmas music directly after halloween--"_ ..... [glares at KEZZ with the intensity of a thousand suns] ...joking aside, they legitimately became "the holiday station" earlier and earlier each year o.o while I was moving during _the first week of November_ a few yrs ago, they had their "countdown" to becoming the 24/7 christmas music station while I was in an uber home from dropping off the rental truck ._.

  • Faith Bynum
    Faith Bynum

    When he said “gramma got run over by a reindeer”!!!!!!!all the nostalgia from when I was little and me only thinking that I was the only family that sung that God so freaking happy

  • ꧁ඞjctotboi2021 Studios VGCP AUTTP ATHDTC (REAL)ツඞ꧂
    ꧁ඞjctotboi2021 Studios VGCP AUTTP ATHDTC (REAL)ツඞ꧂

    "Baby It's Cold Outside" Shes not a baby, shes a woman. Well well well. Looks like we have a false advertisement song on our reindeer paws.

  • Amanda Washer
    Amanda Washer

    All I want for Christmas is My two front teeth A hippopotamus 2:54

  • Just Some Girl without a Mustache
    Just Some Girl without a Mustache

    "santa is an anagram of satan" 😳

  • Stone_Yoshi ALT
    Stone_Yoshi ALT

    Don’t care that I’m late I’m just upset he didn’t talk about that one song where Christmas lasts for *12 DAYS*

  • Marco Dominguez
    Marco Dominguez

    If you had captions on 2:57 of the video you Wont see anything

  • Xmav

    This was THAT long ago

  • Dominik McCalley
    Dominik McCalley

    All your videos make me laugh so whenever i am felling down i watch your vids

  • Bad

    Are you furry

  • Judyann Balukoff
    Judyann Balukoff

    don't WE bring a smile to your face James?

  • Denisa Radu
    Denisa Radu

    Im atheis and I love Crismas