Cartoon Comic Collections (Vol. 1)
When I was 16 I started making content for the internet through a web-comic called TheOdd1sOut. Now 8 years later I decided to animate some of the ones I liked the most.
If you like this series and want to see more let me know by giving this video a like. If you hated this video, don't worry, a more traditional Odd1s video is already in the works. Hope you have a good day :)

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  • The Weirdos
    The Weirdos

    Hahaha الله يقلع ابو الشيطان

    • The Weirdos
      The Weirdos

      This is so funny

  • Mike Belliveau
    Mike Belliveau

    my 2nd fav 1:26

  • Mike Belliveau
    Mike Belliveau

    my fav 1:59

  • CoolmanJ8

    Part two plz

  • TDG RR
    TDG RR

    Plz make another one!!!!

  • Ben Berke
    Ben Berke

    Tomatoes are fruits

  • Jared Nelson
    Jared Nelson

    The real asdf creator

  • Palanisamy S
    Palanisamy S

    2:01 best part of the video!!

  • [☆cosmic☆]

    A tomato is actually a fruit many people just believe its a vegetable

  • EEF

    Mom I want asdf We have asdf at home Asdf at home

  • Music Soundtracks
    Music Soundtracks


  • Daisy Doo
    Daisy Doo

    That last one got me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The Impostor
    The Impostor

    And that kids is why there will never be another ISdownsr better than James! He is #1 ISdownsr!

  • Demm0

    this is the odd1sout version of asdfmovie

  • Kevin Flores
    Kevin Flores

    2:04-2:10 - the crux of the movie "Knives Out".

  • Chariot requiem
    Chariot requiem


  • Theory

    Tomato is fruit

  • Sam McMc
    Sam McMc

    2:04 this one reminds me of asdf

  • Master_Mega

    I would want to eat a plain tomato by itself (I say as I’m eating a tomato right now like an apple) I eat a lot of tomatos I LOVE THEM. That one with Cupid is not pleasant and I would like to point out something… you know that joke that has made people question him about if he you know with animals… Cupid makes people he shoot fall in love but… Cupid only shot the bear not james… oh mY GOODNESS!!!!

  • Dice

    We need more of this

  • harleyplys gamer
    harleyplys gamer


  • It's Blindfold
    It's Blindfold

    0:50 OHH RIGHT!! Frankenstines name is Frankenstine's Monster

  • Todd


  • Haresh ......
    Haresh ......

    What's better? I've seen each and everyone of them before

  • OLL 45
    OLL 45

    Wait this was over a year ago wow

  • equmaq

    sorry to break it to you but tomatoes are fruits

  • Amanda Washer
    Amanda Washer

    I think I’m gonna be sick 🤢🤮2:00

  • SyberInkInc

    at 1:58 only the bear is shot with the arrow, so James movement were of his own accord, let that sink in.

  • TheComicSketcher

    Ok, but that last one got me! 😂😂😂

  • june 23rd 2011 thats oddly specific

  • BoomTyme34

    Vol. 2?

  • Ultimate Loser
    Ultimate Loser


  • Mrbuilder 08
    Mrbuilder 08

    Vol 1 seres vol2 pls make vol 2

  • Zartanum

    if you didn't laugh you have no sense of humor

  • Guswax

    2:00 xd

  • sean-iplyer

    This reminds me of asdf movies

  • UwU the Replier
    UwU the Replier

    The bear was very... exotic

  • N1000

    Its just asdf movies but James edition?

  • Jessie Vecchio
    Jessie Vecchio

    No but imagine how uncomfortable it would be drawing the animation for the bear scene where they kiss-

  • Vinturen

    Odd1sout +bear+Cupid =furry yiff

  • Mortar and Ivy, Junior
    Mortar and Ivy, Junior

    0:12 james don’t mistake the bible it was an apple

    • Mortar and Ivy, Junior
      Mortar and Ivy, Junior

      Also it was on a tree not a plant

  • Leonardo Abshar Herwindoputra
    Leonardo Abshar Herwindoputra


  • Nisorgo Rahman
    Nisorgo Rahman

    the bow was backwards

  • Starbucksatemydad

    You’re cool if your subed to James

  • Dasch Aldridge
    Dasch Aldridge

    0:51 I thought that printer was an n64

  • chickenplayz01

    this was his last good video😢

  • Coen Gray
    Coen Gray

    1:40 That's what i would do.

  • Colourful Candy
    Colourful Candy

    0:00 my favourite. When's Vol 2 of Animated Comics coming up?

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher

    Fun Fact: Adam and Eve didn't have nose-

  • The best ways to play
    The best ways to play

    This is hilarous there amazing

  • Valeria jackskeleton
    Valeria jackskeleton


  • UrpiainenTheUrpoilija™

    Did u know the angel was voiced by DREAM Don't judge me If I lie

  • E

    Drew and dannys photos are swapped lol

  • caspar spelar
    caspar spelar


  • IT Gaming
    IT Gaming

    איפה כל היהודים

  • hostlyghostly


  • Ibraheem Mohsin
    Ibraheem Mohsin

    how dare you say some thing like that u know that u shouldnt make fun of god and to musliams this matters

  • ياسين العلاوي
    ياسين العلاوي


  • charlie._.

    We need a vol.2 😃💅

  • Floster

    2:01 tho

  • Ethan Ternes
    Ethan Ternes

    Hey James this is acting crazy story of me and number one day me and my friend do they like my son came running in the house cuz reading is that time I was like okay told my old old friend my friend will Pat and I called Pat up in twice and I said hey bro and little and we go to the doctor and the Doctor's lab and keep yourself open Jake said yeah I'm leaving

  • Hanna Czyz
    Hanna Czyz

    I have a good island for a comic which goes like this(Halloween edition): T.O.T (trick or treater):trick or treat Adult:trick or treater are you ready for my trick? T.O.T:is it a magic trick? (because the adult is wearing a wizard costume Adult:no its a death trick! (adult takes of his hat and there are red horns on the adults head)

    • Hanna Czyz
      Hanna Czyz

      I write idea but it made it into island

  • Sybe Nijboer
    Sybe Nijboer

    Vol2 🎃

  • CrazyCoolYT

    I can't believe this was 1 year ago...

  • A W
    A W

    Love your channel im subbed and i liked

  • Aidan de Graaf
    Aidan de Graaf


  • Gerogie51

    Only OG's remember that there were 2 other scenes in this video but got cut off shortly after the video was made.

    • Gerogie51

      @StarBrick45 and then the "you may piss on the bride" on

    • StarBrick45

      I remember one owas the silver bullet short.

  • Songs Gaming
    Songs Gaming

    I lost wifi connection when the cow stuck his tongue in the guy's ear, and now I'm horrified

  • dian prawira dirga
    dian prawira dirga

    kejadian 1

  • dian prawira dirga
    dian prawira dirga

    its like alkitab

  • dian prawira dirga
    dian prawira dirga

    wait tomato not dannger

  • Sugerpie1117

    2:00 okay James, you've gone to far

  • Goose



    Too easy

  • iihashmi_

    2:00 WHAT THE FRICK, i wanna cuss but I don't think its right ;-;

  • Your local fnaf fan
    Your local fnaf fan

    I never thought I’d see James make out with a bear

  • I V A T A N Cultura
    I V A T A N Cultura

    Part 2!

  • jason higley
    jason higley

    I love you...

  • Eduardo

    2:00 that’s just wrong man

  • Truong Hoang
    Truong Hoang

    Adam and Eve: tomatoe arent food God: so you have eat the apple right? Adam: yes Eve: toe

  • Var Shark
    Var Shark

    The last one just cracks me up😂

  • Augie

    Can you make (Vol. 2)

  • Ran Rhy
    Ran Rhy

    Fun Fact- Tomatoes ARE fruit

    • Alpha J
      Alpha J

      Exactly that’s the joke tomatoes used to be a vegetable but now it is a fruit because of god.

  • Brendan but on YouTube
    Brendan but on YouTube

    Uhhh well ok 2:00

  • Dáithí Mullins
    Dáithí Mullins

    But the cow was already dead before it was eaten and it's not like he was the only one who ate it since 1 cow can be turned into 800 burgers

  • Ivan A Remix Fan
    Ivan A Remix Fan

    Congratulations James, You've Now Made Me A Furry.

  • Gumblaze

    Me all the time

  • Anthony Ragler
    Anthony Ragler

    WHY ARE YOU MAKING OUT WITH A BEAR🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Crazycat the boss
    Crazycat the boss

    We need a volume 2!

  • Michael Tabar
    Michael Tabar

    asdf vibes

  • Hannah Zuniga
    Hannah Zuniga

    Make more of these

  • Her

    This video was made a YEAR AGO!?!?!?

  • Her

    1:08 The Angel looks stressed or something is on his mind lol

  • Generalchipsahoy

    wondering why youtube allowed the b e a r


    Wtf is this 0:05 i will Report you. That's not good for my religious

    • StarBrick45

      Can you take a joke hater.

  • LemonBoi

    Why were a couple of them cut?

    • StarBrick45


  • Ben's World
    Ben's World

    0:48 he means no one ever remembers that his creator is frankinstine and his name is frankinstinnes monster

  • Tedison Chavez III
    Tedison Chavez III

    What!!! This is last year

  • Footer Number one
    Footer Number one

    Asdf movie cloud never

  • iLL MoMMy beans
    iLL MoMMy beans

    Bears are SUPA dangerous but why do u MAKE OUT with a BEAR!? But it was still funny lmao